• one country, one artist, one song

    30 Apr 2010, 21:29 by ehk2

  • 15 IX 2008

    15 Sep 2008, 21:40 by konilla

  • 100K

    11 Jul 2008, 03:35 by jvglion

    After four years, I've reached 100,000 tracks scrobbled. Last.FM has been a great outlet for me over the last few years. Music and Last.FM has gotten me through hard times - especially at work, helped me find better things to do than waste time on the negative, and it has opened my eyes to some great new artists and genres. I've been to concerts I would never have dreamed of attending, I've purchased/downloaded albums and mp3's that blow my mind sometimes and above all through Last.FM, I've met some awesome people who had great influence on me here, and you know who you are...I can't thank you all enough for your recommendations, shouts, friend requests, and overall awesomeness.

    For this milestone of sorts, I chose to play a song that has summed up how I feel lately and where I'm hoping to go...

    Nasio Fontaine's track called Show Me

    To usher in a new beginning...I've chosen to play Peter Tosh's version of Get Up Stand Up (acoustic version). What will be will be...