• Nutshell album review - Twicet of Fate

    23 Jan 2007, 14:17 by crazy_nighthawk

    Artist - Narcotic Greed

    A highly driven metal album performed by very good, albeit rather unoriginal, musicians. In fact, listen to any song from this album randomly and you would struggle to distinguish who was playing it!

    Vocalist Ryouji 'Dan' Azuma seems to enjoy hitting the high notes but knows when to refrain from over-induljance, tending to stick to 'tunefully angry' (as is standard practice in metal bands). Don't bother trying to make out the lyrics, they are near nonsensical due to the translation from Japanese (I assume).

    What's nice is the fact that unlike many similar bands, there isn't any particularly dark bits, instead leaning towards a theatrical but heavy sound (think The Darkness or Scorpions).

    There's nothing you haven't heard before on this album and yes, the tracks do tend to all sound the same but there is no doubt that this is a highly energetic, guitarist-led album with enough noise to wake your neighbour from a coma!