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  • Avatar for bossmark1
    This is Groovy
  • Avatar for oldchap2
    Good but, it sounds as though the batteries are running out. She can't get going.
  • Avatar for DrUmNpUnK
  • Avatar for CTC_Billing
    Story of my life...
  • Avatar for Forteski
  • Avatar for Jyl82
  • Avatar for sheasavage
    Crap... I had one earphone in. I was wondering why the heck I couldn't hear the vocals... oh well.
  • Avatar for chingbling
    In answer to your question below supersteveme. I prefer this one
  • Avatar for Roy787
    Like this best.
  • Avatar for BLOODPAIN
  • Avatar for supersteveme
    which is best this or Chers version?
  • Avatar for PattySauce
    Oh how I love this song!! BANG BANG!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for chingbling
    All I can say is. It's different.
  • Avatar for kiteo
    I wish I could shoot you.
  • Avatar for BigChoupique
    Bang, bang lol; musta been before the days of Uzis.
  • Avatar for dezio
    absolutely wonderful voice!
  • Avatar for oseland
    You've listened to Nancy Sinatra 74 times before, but not Bang Bang. hahahahahaha
  • Avatar for HorstKrannich
    sehr schöner Song
  • Avatar for Tofukeule
    Can't get it off my mind for days...
  • Avatar for RedjMusic
    agrees with Modest
  • Avatar for modestmarco11
    This song was so perfect in Kill bill v. 1
  • Avatar for Duds06
    I hit the ground...
  • Avatar for donato3
    That bang bitch is hot.. nancy nancy ....
  • Avatar for manioloo7
    bang bang ;)
  • Avatar for Sonic-MD
    melancholisch aber schön...
  • Avatar for cristianeegger
    i loooooooooooooooooooooooove this!!!
  • Avatar for Grave_666
  • Avatar for Burning_Chr0m3
  • Avatar for DeanWinchester8
    RRRRRR Bäng Bäng
  • Avatar for Lopyka
  • Avatar for dona2005
    better looking then the father, but not better voice
  • Avatar for hein-duck-dich
    so amazing
  • Avatar for dudelb
    Bang Bang ;)very cool and good looking woman
  • Avatar for trickynicy
    got shot down by my husband with this song!!!! Jeg elsker dig, Ian!
  • Avatar for yosoyforajido
    she was quite goodlooking!
  • Avatar for tessbedard
    One of the coolest tunes ever!
  • Avatar for Jaqui83
    My baby shot me down.....
  • Avatar for sqeek4u
    so beter than the dance tune luv it
  • Avatar for saidy9346
    bang bang yeh
  • Avatar for Marion_Schepers
    He would always win the fight... bangbang... he shot me down... bang bang... i hit the ground... that awful sound... my baby shot me down...
    Songs just dont 'sound' like this anymore, shame
  • Avatar for budak6
    Bang bang my baby shut me down..
  • Avatar for crybaby_carter
    Killing Bill as we speak!!!!!!!!!!! R.I.P. Carradine
  • Avatar for toader555
    beautiful version Nancy. Why didn't you do more? Poor management. I suspect. I will look for more Nancy music after hearing this.
  • Avatar for dona2005
    sensual, heartbreaking,
  • Avatar for Criptos
    you should be able to re-love songs... I love this song, already tagged as loved... but... I love it each time I hear it...
  • Avatar for idorou
    hail quentin, thou master of forsaken star resurrection
  • Avatar for myrandas
    the best song ever!!! :)
  • Avatar for Marquart
  • Avatar for daterecd
    I like this but prefer the Sonny and Cher version.


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