• Nancy Elizabeth: Battle and Victory

    2 Dec 2007, 16:36 by champersnova

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    A Saturday morning. Rather midday actually. Waking up to a silent, relaxing day hoping to chuck out all the exhaustion piled in during the whole week and Friday night. Silence seems so lonely and incomplete without a supplementary sound to leak in your cells, and excrete some musical endorphine. What to listen in this fine Saturday? Some calm, gentle cloud of melodies to caress your mind away from worries, maybe? Just like sort of a thermal theraphy… Some acquaintance timbres to flow in the heart and make you remember your favorite movies... Few moments of thoughts and I know what it is. Browsing the letter “N” in my library to put on Nancy Elizabeth’s debut wonder; Battle and Victory quickly.

    For those who are yet to hear of Nancy Elizabeth; she’s a talented musician up from North of the UK; Lancashire. One of the few female vocals that leave me in awe. Not only for the perfect colour of her voice but also…
  • Nancy Elizabeth: Battle and Victory

    8 Sep 2007, 03:12 by puddlegum

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    Nancy Elizabeth is releasing Battle and Victory on September 24, via the UK’s The Leaf Label. This thirteen track album will be released on vinyl, CD, and digital. Two singles are preceding the release of the full-length: Hey Son and I Used To Try, each with b-sides. Hey Son was released on July 23 on a limited edition 7″ and digital. I Used To Try will be out on September 10 in similar format. Both songs can be heard on her Myspace.

    Music lovers that are drawn to atypical instruments should take note of Nancy Elizabeth. Beyond the guitar, this 23 year-old’s repertoire includes khim, Indian Harmonium, Appalachian dulcimer, bouzouki, 22-string Celtic harp and others.

    Battle and Victory was recorded, “in a 17th Century white stone cottage in the remote Welsh countryside, and a village hall outside Manchester, resulting in an intimate, uncontrived gem of a record. Using a minimum of recording equipment…