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Full Name: Najwa Nicola Karam
Arabic: نجوى كرم
Date of birth: 26/02/1966
Birthplace: Zahle, Lebanon
Nationality: Lebanese
Star sign: Pisces
Occupation: Singer
Websites: www.najwakaram.com (Official Website)

At a time when the giants of Lebanese music had either passed away, retired, or moved on to pop or jazz like Fairuz, Najwa Karam almost singlehandedly popularized traditional Lebanese music again in the Arab world. She is one of the most popular and active Lebanese singers. Najwa's intelligence, determination, as well as her unique and powerful voice, have made her a musical force to be reckoned with. Nobody can replace Najwa, because she has made her own niche.

Najwa was born on February 26, 1966, In Zahle, the youngest of Nicolas Karam's four children. She spent her childhood in Zahle, with her parents and brothers, whom always filled it with happiness and joy. She graduated with a degree in Philosophy and worked as a teacher for two years. In 1985, she started her singing career after she participated in Layali Loubnan and was awarded the golden medal.

She joined a musical institute for four years. She trained with Zaki Nassif for two years, and with Fouad Awad for remaining the two years. Her first album Ya Habayeb was released in 1989, but her breakthrough third album, Naghmet Hob, was her key to the Arab World. Najwa won many awards for her achievements in the world of music.

Najwa has worked with some of the best musicians and poets in the Arab World, from the Persian Gulf, Lebanon, and Egypt. George Marderosian, Wissam El Amir, Sa'oud El Sharbatli, Imad Chamseddine, Nizar Francis, Hadi Sharara, Tarek Abou Jaoudeh, Mahmoud Khayami, Mohamed Mostafa, Tony Anka, Tarek Aakef, Melhem Barakat and dozens of others have all contributed to Najwa's pan-Arab success in the past two decades.

She has been recognized as the best Arab singer of the year several times, and she received six different awards in 2001. Her hobbies are car racing, reading, and watching historical movies. Her dream is to perform a successful concert in Baalbeck and be loved by everyone there.


* 1989: Ya Habayeb
* 1992: Shams El Ghinniyeh
* 1993: Ana Ma'kon
* 1994: Naghmet Hob
* 1995: Ma Bessmahlak
* 1996: Hazi Helou
* 1997: Ma Hada La Hada
* 1998: Maghroumeh
* 1999: Rouh Rouhi
* 2000: Oyoun Albi
* 2001: Nedmaneh
* 2002: Tahamouni
* 2003: Saherni
* 2004: Shou Mghayara
* 2005: Kibir El Hob
* 2007: Hayda Haki
* 2008: Am Bemzah Ma'ak
* 2009: Khallini Shoufak
* 2011: Halayli…Ma Fi Noum

* 2003: W Kberna with Wadih El Safi
* 2006: Rah Yeb'a El Watan with Melhem Barakat
* 2007: Bel Sana with Melhem Barakat
* 2010: Bel Rouh Bel Dam

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