• the lyric game (1)

    1 Jun 2010, 06:23 by spikemobile

    the bands below represent what's in my mp3 player at the moment. and these are just some lines (favorite and whatnot) from the songs of the bands below. two bands have two lines because there are two albums of each on the ipod at the moment.
    your task is - to guess which lyric belongs to which band and what's the name of the song. let the game begin!

    1) though my knees become weak, I will cause my foot another step to carry the task
    2) I knew this girl named Jessie, kept her life messy
    3) but I sit at a banquet for traitors placed here between a thief and a liar
    Oh, Sleeper - A Banquet For Traitors
    4) I didn't know what I was looking for but I found it when I took your hand
    Maylene and the Sons of Disaster - Listen Close
    5) and I didn't shave today, I probably won't tomorrow
    6) Jesus, I want to know you, I lay my life before You.
    7) we must relieve the suffering / we will liberate the captive
    8) and come what may, I'll still be here