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The name Naif have multiple definitions :

  • Naif is one of the best indie-retro band based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Estabilished on 1995, at an art college in Jakarta, Indonesia, precisely in Cikini Raya 73 street, campus Jakarta Arts Institute (IKJ).

  • Sometime in 1996, Naif hear from Irwan Ahmett, a friend - graphic designer, that a record company labeled Bulletin Records (PT. Indosemar Sakti) plans to release a compilation album.
    Being interested in the project Naif offer demo tapes they have made prior to the recording company. Unexpectedly it turns out the producer does not enter the Naif in that compiling project, but it intends to make his own records.
    Naif finally enter the recording studio and successfully spawned Naif debut album with "Mobil Balap" as the song champion on 1998.
    Followed that time actually Naif has successfuly released 7 next album (JANGAN TERLALU NAIF (2000) wit hits single "Posesif", TITIK CERAH (2002), THE BEST OF NAIF (2005), RETROPOLIS (2005), TELEVISI (2007), Lets Go!, A night at Schouwburg, Planet Cinta) and 4 compilation albums (OST 6:30 (P) + © 2006, indie, single: Hidup Itu Indah, KAMPUS 24 JAM HITS VOL. 2 (P) + © 2007, indie single: Ceriakan Dunia, Science In Music: Compilation Album Siaga Bencana, (P) + © 2008 Electrified Records, single: Alam Indonesia, Bonbinben (P) + © 2008 Electrified Records, single: Bonbinben, Mari Tertawa.)

    On 2003, Chandra decided to resign from the band and want to continue as Graphic Designer.

    Members band before release album
    David - Vocal
    Shendi Adam - Bass
    Pepeng - Drums
    Jarwo - Guitar

    Members Band (1995-2003)
    David - Vocal
    Emil - Bass
    Pepeng - Drums
    Jarwo - Guitar
    Chandra - Keyboard

    Members Band(2003 - now):
    David (David Bayu Danangjoyo) - vocal
    Emil (Mohammad Amil Hussein) - Bass
    Pepeng (Franki Indrasmoro Sumbodo) - Drums
    Jarwo (Fajar EndraTaruna) - Guitar

    For more information you can visit their site on: www.naifband.com/

  • Naif is an indie rock band with electronic elements, poetic lyrics and melodramatic live presentations. with its three years of existence they have one album coming up, and a lot of live presentations as well. Winning several awards they have placed themselves a name in the Colombian industry. They were recently nominated for best video by the Shock magazine. In 2005, by this same magazine, they won the award for best live presentation.
  • Members:
    Constanza Camelo - vocals
    Verner Duarte - guitar/programming/backing vocals
    Guillermo Morales - drums
    Daniel Restrepo - bass


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