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  • Seriously one of the best black metal songs ever. [2]
  • Seriously one of the best black metal songs ever.
  • Out of this world.
  • Nagelfar's crowning achievement.
  • schick
  • classic
  • The best German black metal band.
  • \m/
  • Sick Black metal !!!!
  • no words.
  • Masterpiece!
  • We're running out of names to call our metal bands!!
  • the best black metal ever made on earth
  • best german BM band together with Ruins of Beverast
  • immense band
  • a little better than the swedish naglfar.. . .
  • Irgendwie das einzige Lied von Nagelfar mit dem ich nichts anfangen kann.
  • ++
  • +
  • great
  • Awesome
  • genial
  • Dies ist, ohne jeden Zweifel, das beste Black Metal Lied, das jemals geschrieben wurde. IMHO zumindest :)
  • One of my favourites.
  • sehr gute band gewehsen...
  • german black metal at its best
  • Nagelfar rarely disappoint. Great song again.
  • syphinfestedYUK Why should Naglfar have to change their name? They formed *before* Nagelfar.
  • beautiful
  • Not bad. God your so sexy I love you. Let's go out you and me. Let's paint the town red. We could go dancings, or we could go to a movie. But really, I just want you so bad. When all is said and done I want to lay you down on my bed and make love to you. I want to pour rasberry syrup down your leg and lick it off. I want to lay you down in a bed of flowers and watch you in all your beauty. I want to feel your skin on mine and have that feeling of loving, of warmth. I just want to make you the most happiest girl ever. Then when your not looking, I want to slit your throat. I want to watch you jerk around in pain, I want to ride the bucking bronco. I want to see the look in your eyes, that look of why. I want to suck the beating blood out of your neck. I want to watch the crimson red stain the sheets. I want to watch as you grow weaker and weaker. I wanna spit your blood back into your face. You disgust me so much. Your a tramp. You gave yourself up too easy. Remember baby, I love you.
  • "Hühnergrab im herbst" ... was man für einen krempel versteht wenn man seinen Bekannten nicht richtig zu hört ;-)
  • immer wieder schön
  • A really good one
  • epic²
  • unbeschreiblich gut!
  • Hows the fucking second half of this song man! fucking lost my shit to this!
  • mighty fucking nice!
  • good!!!
  • woooo
  • beautiful
  • very good stuff !
  • man wird vom song getragen..genial
  • Totally awesome!
  • Der Grund, warum ich Black Metal immer lieben werde!
  • lol they covered rolling stones paint it black, brave band
  • i hate that naglfar won't change their name
  • geniales lied*-*
  • This might just be one of the best BM songs I have ever heard.
  • Amazing.
  • Nagelfar is great


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