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  • Avatar for VM93
    New album is dope.
  • Avatar for Omega--
    только надя и борис
  • Avatar for Oahspe
    their set at saint vitus was amazing. waited 7 years to finally see them
  • Avatar for CHiGAN
  • Avatar for hrypie
    live is life
  • Avatar for bruinthesky
    I saw Nadja live. It was incredible experience. Thrills on skin and hartbeating after every song. Wow. 2
  • Avatar for bruinthesky
    love their MBV's cover
  • Avatar for timothybarnes
    SV is good, I liked Sievert a great deal.
  • Avatar for Kruchy1985
    NADJA, AIDAN BAKER, OLAN MILL 13 November 2016 The Facebar / READING
  • Avatar for IrinaGrinova
    So fantastic <3
  • Avatar for Rx_Queen_
    I saw Nadja live. It was incredible experience. Thrills on skin and hartbeating after every song. Wow.
  • Avatar for BelatedListener
  • Avatar for baphometmsk
    Check out a few new photos
  • Avatar for maydroid
  • Avatar for Realist-st
    Very nice concert in St.Petersburg! You created a great atmosphere here. Thank you! I hope it is not the last time we see you in our city :)
  • Avatar for Shav-LVIV
  • Avatar for faith_no_more_
    Nadja lovers, feel free to join the event in the summer in Warsaw, Poland and facebook event:
  • Avatar for Omega_nothing
    Queller is so amazing.
  • Avatar for PetitSagittaire
    [url=]Toon profile pic[/url] added
  • Avatar for akerbeltz
    I live in a small city, here in Brazil, and I'm so glad that I saw them live last year, playing here! I felt like I was in trance. You guys rules!
  • Avatar for Eormenstan
    [album artist=nadja]queller[/album] is aural bliss!
  • Avatar for DNA333
    No, we're not banned. But we live in Europe now and it's difficult/expensive touring the States...we might do some east coast dates next spring, but that's still very tentative.
  • Avatar for Brittanicvs
    Are you banned from playing in the states or something? I've been waiting to see you guys for years!
  • Avatar for skacky
    Imperfection is how you pronounce it.
  • Avatar for Anahkiasen
    How in the hell do you guys pronounce the latest album ? /ɪmpəˈfɛkʃ​(​ə​)​n/
  • Avatar for Your_Sick
    6th Orbit ([url=]Around Saturn[/url]) FTW :D
  • Avatar for madmandillinger
    Cheers man!!!! Will see which one it was that I'm thinking of
  • Avatar for elsmudge
    madmandillinger There are two versions of Slow Loss that have been officially released. The original version from the 2003 album Skin Turns to Glass then the reworked/re-released 2008 version. Both slightly different. The re-release version being around 4 minutes longer too.
  • Avatar for madmandillinger
    Sure I heard an alternate version of "slow loss" at some point. Am I completely mistaken or can anybody point me in the right direction?
  • Avatar for Tw1st3d5
    "Queller" is fucking awesome !
  • Avatar for dpdd
    nadja is featured in schwarze bewegung: a 100% d.i.y. print-only zine about heavy music from an anarchist perspective. mail for details.
  • Avatar for nassuttaja2
    Uochi Toki collab is freaking weird.
  • Avatar for Vlais
    Nadja collab with Uochi Toki is out!
  • Avatar for z0z0bra
    nadja swaggin in da hood
  • Avatar for mordekai_fm
    Tangled is totally beyond. Those riffs...
  • Avatar for CatastrophicEli
    Nadja are my favourite thing right now. "Dark Circles" is so <3
  • Avatar for antiperiodic
    666,566 listeners. 100 more to go...
  • Avatar for Goofotecl
    was disappointed after listening to this again after quite a long period of time. Guess my expectations were too high. Damn :(
  • Avatar for Anastaxia_Xylf
    Tangled - woohoo but "way too short (c)". No wonder to see black metal tags on their bandcamp :'D
  • Avatar for Hari_Maia
    Neo folk/Dark folk/Ambient/Neo Classical: Facebook: Last fm:
  • Avatar for Hari_Maia
    So amazing!!
  • Avatar for Nemoflow
    Tangled is awesome, but way too short.
  • Avatar for SarahSelas
    Tangled is certainly... interesting. Not too sure about it. [2] my thoughts exactly
  • Avatar for skacky
    Tangled is certainly... interesting. Not too sure about it.
  • Avatar for Blaine_The_Mono
    Queller is their best effort since 2009's Pyramids/Nadja split, but still, they're far from the magnificent sound of the 2003-2007 era. Or, perhaps, back then, Nadja was something fresh and innovating, and now we have all these post-rock droned projects around...
  • Avatar for IchSuchDieDDR
    Queller is a truly magnificent stuff.
  • Avatar for Sundblum
    Nadja were absolutely stunning yesterday in Sofia. Last time when they were around on the balcans I missed them, but this time it was innevitable. Can't wait to meet them again somewhere..
  • Avatar for grunder-13
    последний альбом вышка!!
  • Avatar for xuvetyn
    No, we just need to see Nadja work with Pyramids again.
  • Avatar for Bonelesss
    wow. queller is surprisingly the best nadja release since... years. nearly as good as their best works (touched, truth becomes death, bodycage, corrasion, radiance of shadows). i'm impressed.


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