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NSS stands for Noel Stefan Stoyanoff who was born on March 25, 1970 in Buffalo, NY USA.

NSS is a singer, songwriter, software and recording engineer, storyteller, producer, studio and live bassist for hire, DJ, cynic, activist, music evangelist, music historian and collector.

NSS suffers from work-a-holism, depression and his own damn ego.

NSS loves music, reading, snowboarding, old movies and his pit bull.

NSS has put out four solo albums, manages three separate musical entities, runs his own record label (Baphomet’s Lounge), pioneered two Internet-based music television shows (RockstarPix TV & Infinity Music Mag), toured throughout the US and Europe and continues to either produce or make guest appearances on albums, songs, shows, etc.

NSS’s musical direction is stylistically hard to pin down as he refuses to be categorized, bracketed, nailed down, pin pointed, shepherded or grouped. One would suggest, taking a little Frank Zappa, adding a generous portion of the Allman Brother's Band, throwing in a dash of Harry Chapin then mix thoroughly with the essence of King Diamond, chill, distill and serve with a slice of attitude on the side.

NSS’s 2006 album (No Talent Necessary…No Travel Required) is electronica, which differs vastly from his 2000 album (Beat-up Old Ugly Cynical & Live) which is solo acoustic, which differs enormously from his 1998 sophomore release (Have You Met Edna?) which is country/southern and we won’t bother going into his 1996 debut album (Mr. Handpuppet Man & Other Campfire Favorites) because it’s across the board and really doesn't make any sense.

NSS is the real item, one of a kind, always provocative, certainly entertaining and assuredly never boring.

NSS writes his own bio because he’s a conceited, pompous, self-absorbed, controlling asshole.

Official Site:www.nssworld.com

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