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Punk in Drublic

Punk in Drublic


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  • Seemed like everybody had that album in the mid 90's
  • <3
  • I remember buying this album when I was 15 or so. Still a classic.
  • @robo042 No.
  • Looking round the web for any new punk bands who want to feature on a compilation album if you do head over to http://allpunk.net and send us an email
  • Shouldn't it be "Drunk in Public"? Fucking typos man.
  • 1994 was a pretty cool year man.
  • gotta agree with "If you don't like this album, you're probably a "no fun allowed" kind of guy." @A554551n
  • @Zell182 i don't really get why do you think Pump Up The Valuum is better, is really average for NOFX
  • Canadian melodic punk rock since 1992 , new album out visit www.slushpunk.com . Tons of free downloads www.facebook.com/slushpunk videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKzPkrvRH98 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYReRyvv2G4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkRtHnnyPjg
  • V lol
  • "Sounds like blink's Cheshire Cat " one of the top ten worst comments ever.
  • If you don't like this album, you're probably a "no fun allowed" kind of guy.
  • one of those essential albums... youve probably heard it a million times, but damnit its just that good
  • This *is* good but < White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean.
  • Bought this back in 1998! One of my 1st albums ever!
  • один из крутейших в панк роке
  • 1,031 plays in your library lol, still can't get enough of this album
  • How can Last.fm get the name of *one* song wrong lol
  • epic
  • NICE
  • I don't really get why everyone thinks this is their best album, probably because it came out in 1994 along with Stranger Than Fiction, Let's Go, Dookie and Smash. White Trash and Pump Up The Valuum are much better and So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes is just as good. Admittedly I think Linoleum, Leave It Alone, The Brews and Reeko are great but the rest isn't that fantastic.
  • they played it complete when i saw them on friday :) awesome!
  • WTF is "The Qwassitworsh"?
  • Awesome album!!
  • Probably the best Punk album ever.
  • the title is extremely awesome
  • Don't drink & drive, you might spill y'r drink ;-) NOFX Rocks !!
  • Once this goes into the cd player in the car it's about a good long month before it comes out again.
  • I bought this CD in 8th grade.
  • WTF is "The Qwassitworsh"? [2]
  • My favorite album from another lifetime
  • really funny title =)
  • What a great album...
  • Can't get enough of The Brews.
  • Loving this shit ^^
  • WTF is "The Qwassitworsh"?
  • Without a doubt Alexatron
  • best punk album ever?
  • Linoleum-BEST SONG EVER!!!
  • Such a good album.
  • Охеренный альбом!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Simply awesome.
  • good vibes this album
  • one of the best album ever!!! ta na na na na na!!
  • very cool :)
  • A Skate Punk Album better then the rest
  • one of my favourites cd!
  • the best of the punk!


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