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  • Avatar for ShazlynkSwaj
    you are now about to witness the strenghth of street knowledge <3
  • Avatar for GwenEatsBrains
    This shit is dope ;)
  • Avatar for Doppz
    makes a man cook em in a pot like gumbo
  • Avatar for Babayoga88
  • Avatar for Bronskosos
    C'te dégaine
  • Avatar for alefspfc
    ice cube is crazy as fuck
  • Avatar for Green_Wire
    My first Hip-Hop CD... I still have it.. of course!
  • Avatar for RayzneAkaFREEZ
  • Avatar for DEATHINFIREX
    yo ren, tell 'em where you're from! STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON
  • Avatar for ichbinjon
    Ice cube is a angry bad muthafucka
  • Avatar for PresumedDeadly
    You think I give a damn about a bitch I ain't a sucka
  • Avatar for frankyn82
    one of the best classics
  • Avatar for negima696
  • Avatar for BrunoFurino
    so when I'm on your neighborhood , you better DUCK, cuz Ice Cube is CRAZY AS FUCK
  • Avatar for HazmatMishap
    I miss the old compton
  • Avatar for luckiraq
    Now this is Rap!!!
  • Avatar for BishopEric
    Straight Outta
  • Avatar for Ariues
    see i dont give a fuck thats the problem
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    I don't really like rap but some songs, like this one, I like. I don't know, this just has that something.
  • Avatar for Ariues
    this song is funny
  • Avatar for Ariues
    find a good piece of pussy and go up in it
  • Avatar for hpacNZ
  • Avatar for export88
    like x 1 million
  • Avatar for JackJones17
    crazy motherfucker named Ice Cube, from the gang called Niggaz with Attitude! what an opening line !!!
  • Avatar for Foggster
    is there any description better than legendary ?
  • Avatar for Gorgo_Mutt
    I'm knockin niggas out daily
  • Avatar for mjolnaren
    This is rockin' ! I don't listen to many hip-hop songs but this is one I dig!!!
  • Avatar for Adrian347
    cuz Ice Cube is crazy as FUCK
  • Avatar for brewpunk74
    I love cranking this with the windows down!
  • Avatar for leonidasthes
    o man.....there was stolen three legendary vinyls of NWA....I AM CRYING OUT LOUD...
  • Avatar for kissmylips22
    Whatever he doin he makin more paper than u.HAHHA
  • Avatar for Minilaptop
    Metal and oldschool rap.
  • Avatar for strutterf
    white people [2]
  • Avatar for strutterf
    dont ice cube make kids [2]
  • Avatar for strutterf
    I'm a metalhead at heart. But N.W.A is just so fucking gangter you gotta love it. [½]
  • Avatar for seeingblindman
    mc ren is where its at
  • Avatar for maryjanegirls
  • Avatar for mspinky72
    Haters.......don't worry about what he's doing now. He's one of the greastest MC's ...WESTSIDE ALL DAY!!!
  • Avatar for maryjanegirls
    dont ice cube make kids
  • Avatar for bjornoW12
    white people
  • Avatar for IntruderIAm
    Agreed. I'm a metalhead (and a prog fan too) but N.W.A. is so fucking old school and cool, I can't help but love em.
  • Avatar for DrMordecai
    I'm a metalhead at heart. But N.W.A is just so fucking gangter you gotta love it.
  • Avatar for iamskiddo
    if there was a list of 10 rap songs of all time, this would be in it.
  • Avatar for ZehefLenervay
    nothing to say ! Enjoy !
  • Avatar for lioness28213
    game changing group
  • Avatar for jettalowlife
    what about the bit@h who got shot, f*ck her, you think i give a f*ck about a bit@h i aint a sucker
  • Avatar for Shenanigans127
  • Avatar for ErnHate
    this some lame remix??
  • Avatar for Miss-Kei
    :( Last song for the night...
  • Avatar for TyroneJefferson
    Gay thuggin fo shizzay!


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