• Ghost On Summer 2007

    7 Feb 2008, 15:23 by helikoppter

    Most of you probably know this already, but in addition to being a sucker for k-indie, I'm a sucker for covers. That's why as soon as I stumbled upon Siren Entertainment's Ghost On Summer 2007: Hit Remake Parade!, that combines the two, I decided to buy it.

    Already before I could listen to the album, I got a very good impression. The booklet actually states which the original artists are (I wish all labels would do this!) and there's a line up list and picture for every participating band - very nice especially since this was my first encounter with some of these bands. As for the actual contributions, I'm afraid I'm not as impressed.

    01. Kim Se Hwang (previously guitarist of N.EX.T): 여행을 떠나요
    Despite being something of a Cho Yong Pil fan, I'm afraid I have only heard this particular song as performed on the 35th Anniversary Live Concert DVD (lovely DVD set, btw) and thus do not know how true this cover is to the album version of 1985. …
  • My Korean CDs list.

    20 Jul 2007, 19:49 by Naka-

    서태지와 아이들
    》 Vol. 1 : 난 알아요
    》 Vol. 2 : 하여가
    》 Vol. 3 : 발해를 꿈꾸며
    》 Vol. 4 : COME BACK HOME
    》 Best Album Goodbye

    》 Vol. 5
    》 6 - 울트라맨이야
    》 6th album Re-recording and ETPFest Live
    》 Feel The Soul (Japanese release)
    》 7th Issue
    》 Live Tour ZerΩ 04
    》 8th Atomos Part Moai
    》 8th Atomos Part Secret
    》 8th Atomos
    》 The Great 2008 Seotaiji Symphony

    》 The Butterfly Effect ²
    》 Butterfly Effect (나비효과)

    윤도현 밴드
    》 라이브 (2CDs)
    》 한국 rock 다시부르기

    》 도시학

    그랜드 슬램
    》 Special Fxxk up to....!

    》 20th Anniversary Greatest Hits
    》 Single

    》 Desirous Infection
    》 Undefined

    》 Guckkasten (Before Regular Album)

    500won Project
    》 Um Han

    》 Machine Ares
    》 Digital Human

    Bloody Cookie
    》 a Curer

    》 To be or not to be

    Dr.Core 911
    》 Eat or be eaten
    》 오락가락

    Drunken Tiger
    》 Sky is the Limit
    》 Feel gHood Muzik : The 8th wonder (2CDs)

    Epik High
    》 Remapping the Human Soul
    》 魂: Map the Soul
  • Shopping from Mr. Kwang - Rock stuff #3

    24 Jan 2007, 23:57 by helikoppter

    Another bunch of rock albums accumulated from my favorite store during the past few months ^^


    I never cared much for Black Syndrome as I think there are other Korean metal bands doing it better. Their sixth album, however, is one of my favorite k-metal albums. I don't know what they're doing different, I just like it a lot. On the digipack it does say that this album is "the milestone in Korean rock history" with inspirations beyond "the orthodox heavy metal" which takes care of their first five albums, but that doesn't explain why I don't like what I've heard from their later albums...

    Anyway, there are ten tracks on here and most of them are slow paced rock goodies. Five of them are instrumentals, including the epic Richard Strauss inspired title track in three parts. While I might not like a song all the way through, there's usually something about each that is pretty great. The only track on here I have a hard time liking is the cover of Knockin' on Heaven's Door
  • Shopping from Mr. Kwang - Rock Stuff #2

    7 Sep 2006, 22:30 by helikoppter

    More rock stuff that's been introduced to my cd collection through mrkwang ^^

    Dabang Band - Last One

    This is the last EP from now defunct Dabang Band. I really liked their second album, Product, and would play it, and especially Got No Time, over and over again. Learning about the existance of this EP I immediately asked mrkwang to stock it for me, and so a copy ended up in my possession.

    As little as I can say what it was that made me like Product so much, as little do I know why I do not like Last One. It's still pretty much the same kind of music as before. The six songs on it aren't bad. It just doesn't appeal to me.

    Unfortunately the CD package isn't very interesting either (I know I'm being silly, but these things matters to me :p). It's just a single CD jewel case, the ugly kind where only a square inlay fits, with a simple folder without lyrics.

    Every Single Day - Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday was Every Single Day's 1.5, released in 2001. …
  • Shopping from Mr. Kwang - Rock stuff

    7 May 2006, 21:33 by helikoppter

    Lately I've been spending more and more of my money on CDs from mrkwang. Admittedly, it's often a bit more expensive than from YesAsia, but in return he can find you just about anything if you ask for it. There's gonna be more entries like this as soon as I get more time on my hands, but for now, here's some of the awesome rock stuff I've gotten from mrkwang in the past months.

    Lee Hyun Suk Project
    I think I've mentioned it before, but I can say it again: Lee Hyun Suk is my favorite guitarist. While I quite enjoy all of his solo albums, I absolutely love the 1999 Lee Hyun Suk project album. For Lee Hyun Suk Project, Lee Hyun Suk got together with bassist C.J. Hann and a guy named 김성은 (who did most of the vocals). On this album is twelve awesome melodic rock tracks - some all instrumental, some with vocals. As with most of the best Korean rock, I heard about Lee Hyun Suk too late so it was all thanks to mrkwang digging up a used copy for me that I finally have an actual copy of my own.