• Albums Of The Week Part 2

    20 Mar 2006, 17:28 by dan_the_bassist

    So I finally got round to listening to the Be Your Own Pet, Mystery Jets and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah albums plus a mish-mash of Billy Bragg albums. This is what I thought.

    Be Your Own Pet

    Ok, so the whole thing is pretty manic. I would describe this album as one you can "really rock out to" but would make myself look like a complete and utter twat in doing so. But you get the point. Unfortunately, not a huge amount of it sticks in your head for long and although this is only after having heard it twice, I doubt it will stay long in the memory. It does, however, have some really good tracks on it which stand out a bit and overall it is a great laugh to listen to.

    Best tracks:
    Bunk Trunk Skunk
    October, First Account
    Thresher's Flail

    Making Dens

    On the whole this is a much more interesting album although it takes a bit more listening to get into it. The songs are far more memorable and, although at times a little too weird, make the album great to sit back and listen to. …