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    Trollskau, skrømt og kølabrenning
  • Avatar for mastersword666
    Vonde Auer is a good song, but I hope the next album has the real Myrkgrav spirit in it. I thought the debut was basically a spiritual successor to Windir, which is about the greatest compliment I could give to any music.
  • Avatar for usiha
    too handsome
  • Avatar for northwind91
    отлично, особенно Fela Etter'n Far
  • Avatar for Syndicaidramon
    I have no idea what you're talking about. "Vonde Auer" is sweet. It's Myrkgrav light, sure, but it's still definitely Myrkgrav.
  • Avatar for pyromania
    Contender for disappointment of the year. And this year has been full of disappointments. Traditional version was good at least.
  • Avatar for Matti81
    vonde auer sounds good
  • Avatar for Nork1
    Great new song.
  • Avatar for Thrica
    New single Vonde Auer. Very cool, sort of prog-ish in places.
  • Avatar for arianatrev
    awesome!!! *____________* I WANT MORE!!! [4]
  • Avatar for ThalesLindberg
    Amazing talent and also Lars has a great voice!
  • Avatar for NandaForsberg
  • Avatar for astakvasta
  • Avatar for bloodwine
    I can't believe it's been seven years since I met the old fiddler. Fela etter'n far is a song like no other.
  • Avatar for Thrica
    Listening to Uttjent... oh my, his voice has gone Vintersorg.
  • Avatar for Valkovuokko
    So talented! Fabulous debut!
  • Avatar for Fosse-Grim
    Very interesting project.
  • Avatar for unkldrtnp reviewed 'sjuguttmyra'
  • Avatar for opianista81
  • Avatar for cybrauralninjuh
    Lars made me quit my job and take up 18th century farming when he made Trollskau. True.
  • Avatar for schink
    Upvote the gentleman hunter:
  • Avatar for Neroq1
    I WANT MORE!!! [3]
  • Avatar for Drop-EX
    It definetely is! I bought the EP on amazon 2 days ago and I'm overwhelmed! The two new songs are great, the remix of De To Spellemenn and the re-recording of Fela etter'n far are much better than the original songs (even though they were great before!)
  • Avatar for irishman20
    Which is quite spectacular btw.
  • Avatar for Drop-EX
    You want more? What about the new Sjuguttmyra EP? :D
  • Avatar for Asmothoushen
    I WANT MORE!!! [2]
  • Avatar for Azatir
    I WANT MORE!!!
  • Avatar for thellamawarrior
    Fantastic music. [2]
  • Avatar for cybrauralninjuh
    Top notch.
  • Avatar for ClassyMusicSnob
    This man is extremely talented!
  • Avatar for Asmothoushen
  • Avatar for Caravanheart
    De To Spellemenn still as best song I guess
  • Avatar for darkwitch_metal
    awesome!! ♥
  • Avatar for Fabeldyr
  • Avatar for ArrTheMesia
    Well, that's just great!
  • Avatar for Ruqt
    I REALLY LIKE YOUR MUSIC!!! CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO IT! greetings from South America.
  • Avatar for cybrauralninjuh
    nneeds moar plz
  • Avatar for Pestprinzessin
    This is simply great music - makes me happy =)
  • Avatar for biogenius
    этот прекрасный мужчина еще и творит изумительную музыку. бравоо
  • Avatar for dobradziewczyna
  • Avatar for WolfieboyMachi
    By the way, does anyone have "Uttjent" in MP3 format?
  • Avatar for WolfieboyMachi
    There is a new album in the works, yes. It has been titled "Forteljinger frå Finnefjerdingen". But when it will be finished is uncertain.
  • Avatar for hantellica
    Really good stuff.
  • Avatar for BeerBoozer
    хорошая музыка
  • Avatar for BRUJAFREYA
    great <3
  • Avatar for euquerosuamae
  • Avatar for HellasVerona
    De To Spellemenn!
  • Avatar for C0NVAIR
    we want new album! [2] :)
  • Avatar for Myroan
    36000 listeners is quite good for a folk metal band with a single release. But generally speaking, many bands should be more famous. Many people seems satisfied with just listening to bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden over and over again.


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