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  • Avatar for sharv11
    Love it indeed!
  • Avatar for Storchel
    Love it!
  • Avatar for sleepyheadtM
    those screams omg
  • Avatar for JerryZola25
    nice one
  • Avatar for lamprophonickid
    My god, this song!
  • Avatar for XDRory
    I love the atmosphere in this song.
  • Avatar for RoyalSkull
  • Avatar for Drazba
    this band grows on you-cant say i was really interested in them a few years ago----but i really like them now
  • Avatar for flip238
    man he sounds awful in this version. if he always sings like this live then no thanks
  • Avatar for dewg0ng
    that little riff in the background makes the song
  • Avatar for ralphsanctum
    first time,wont be the last,listening to mmj
  • Avatar for balanfork
    go see them will be amazed.
  • Avatar for balanfork
    whole album is great...awesome stuff
  • Avatar for BeatPoet
    Am I the only person that thinks this song is boring? I just cannot get into it, or any of the first three songs on Z. The album starts at WAWM for me.
  • Avatar for Yliannos
    Agreed, definite U2 influence. The Who, hm, not so much as U2 but I guess it would be fair to say Townshend made an impact on this song.
  • Avatar for bright180233
    Love, Love, Love this song! Always brings a smile to my face! Amazing!
  • Avatar for HendrixFan42
    visitor-q: fleet foxes have same use of reverb and refashioning of older sounds, but unlike MMJ add nothing new to the table
  • Avatar for deanverhey
    U2? I think this sounds more like The Who. Not with the vocals, but the guitars for sure.
  • Avatar for visitor-q
    Fleet Foxes have an undeniably similiar vocal style to MMJ but I don't think they are all that similiar musically.
  • Avatar for JesseeMirawk
    Great Tune. Strong Vocals. This is music!!!
  • Avatar for bearass
    viva la jacket
  • Avatar for beccig92
    love it :) yet another brilliant song
  • Avatar for frankthetank836
    jim james= genious... every mmj album and song is amazing
  • Avatar for Avidya
    very very beautiful song :)
  • Avatar for vangelicmonk
    I've been really wanting to hear a MMJ song. Thanks
  • Avatar for scarletfaery
    I dont know much about this band at all, but I really like this song
  • Avatar for whiskeychoke
  • Avatar for Collett1111
    Animal. Come on.
  • Avatar for nik1048
    I love this track. I also don't think MMJ sounds anything like Fleet Foxes or vice versa!
  • Avatar for JudySabin
  • Avatar for serinedream
    MMJ came first, MMJ is best. Enough about this fleet foxes nonsense. they are more mainstream i guess, so ignorance makes people spew nonsense about who sounds like who. fact is, jim james is amazing and this is just another wonderful song. love the letterman orchestra performance
  • Avatar for saraasaraa
    what does this,remind you of?
  • Avatar for Craigsly
    Not very original, but that doesn't detract away from the fact that its enjoyable.
  • Avatar for fuzzzfusion
    mmj rox
  • Avatar for tuxking
    good call. its totaly a U2 rip off
  • Avatar for jdresser2
    i agree with jadelady. this one sounds a lot like u2 to me. nothing wrong with that though.
  • Avatar for scottie301
    what a great band. just really started to listen to these guys ad they are amazing.
  • Avatar for owen73
    MMJ are just the best and this track says it all!
  • Avatar for lantzan
    paganbaby25, you are right that fleet foxes and MMJ have a similar sound. however, MMJ has been around since 1998 while fleet foxes was only recently formed in 2006. therefore, one might argue that fleet foxes sounds like MMJ rather than the other way around. just a friendly observation. can't wait to see Jim James perform with Monsters of Folk @ The Landmark Theater in RVA!
  • Avatar for CHOTO68
  • Avatar for jadedlady
    I'm afraid I can't get past the U2 ness on this one. Otherwise a dandy band.
  • Avatar for bearass
    the jacket reigns supreme
  • Avatar for Maxctu
  • Avatar for sparklecrunch
    love the sounds on this track even if i don't share the sentiment about religion
  • Avatar for josekapower
  • Avatar for bobpepper
    fck fck fk my morning jacket.
  • Avatar for Hellraiser917
  • Avatar for Robynobotica
    For some reason I hear U2's One Tree Hill... "we run like a river.... runs to the sea...".
  • Avatar for antoniozgz
    lastfm free
  • Avatar for Michael_D_E
    I hear a little "Tommy" from the WHO I think... speaking of stylistic royalties, but I love the song...


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