• Code Name Bacalau mix

    27 Aug 2006, 03:05 by talking_animal

    This is my August 2006 mixtape effort; I gave copies out at the recent CDmom-club meeting and I haven't heard anything bad about it so far, so I guess it's a success. This is my final attempt for the time being to try to string tracks together in some kind of order as if I was a radio DJ again.

    The problem with this approach is that there's no real theme and the selection seems kind of random to anybody who doesn't have the same exact record collection as I do. If it works, the mix just goes from one slamming track to another and the momentum keeps building. If it doesn't work, people wander off into corners wondering, "What is this crap?"

    It's called "Code Name Bacalau" because I sent a preview copy to my mixtape guru, mjcrbt, along with another one called "Code Name Jamon," and asked her advice on which one to distribute at the club. She picked Bacalau and I think I agree, but when I tried to come up with a more thematic name I was stumped. So Code Name Bacalau it has remained.