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  • Avatar for Theon_the_Reek
    "And my father left forever" is really epic. Can't wait for the new album.
  • Avatar for witch_possessed
    My Dying Bride is a whiny band so im not surprised to see the fans whining about silly stuff like artwork. next someone will say they dont like Aaron's makeup. nonetheless this band hardly disappoints. A Map of All Our Failures is one of my fav albums by them. so i have high expectations from Feel the Misery
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  • Avatar for IG0tErection
    The new song
  • Avatar for Alejo_Valdez
    Absolute legend! [12]
  • Avatar for Doomblake
    Please support the Bride! You can now preorder the new album:
  • Avatar for Doomblake
    That will be even better:
  • Avatar for Darksoul82
    thanks for the link!
  • Avatar for necro_daemon
    "And My Father Left Forever" is realy AWESOME!
  • Avatar for DragonBottles
    And My Father Left Forever is SO good, wow!
  • Avatar for Doomblake
    And My Father Left Forever is on stream (the song begins around 23:30) :
  • Avatar for Darksoul82
    i missed the radio show yesterday, any way to get the song?
  • Avatar for Quetiapine
    half of the night I dreamed of riffs from And My Father Left Forever
  • Avatar for endoftheocean
    I wish they had more albums like 34.788%...Complete, it's an absolute gem. [3]
  • Avatar for _duif
    Best one in quite a while, yes!
  • Avatar for jonowev
    Also the artwork for their upcoming album is stunning!
  • Avatar for jonowev
    I think it's more important to get things like artwork right when you're just starting out. My Dying Bride have enough of a following for it to sell regardless of its artistic merit (and not to diss the band in any way, but that can also be said for the music).
  • Avatar for _duif
    Nevertheless: best show at Graspop this year, truly epic! Almost all old material, no fewer than 3 songs from 'Turn Loose the Swans'.
  • Avatar for _duif
    No, but I want to know how this discrepancy in musical and visual taste can be explained.
  • Avatar for dark_wisdom
    v so... you have to stare at the pictures of the covers while listening to the music?
  • Avatar for _duif
    I can't believe how dumb and tacky the cover art to albums like 'Songs of Darkness' and 'For Lies I Sire' is. And look at that font, and the red stuff, on 'The Voice of the Wretched'. Wow... I fell out of love with MDB in the year 2000, and getting back into them in recent years wasn't exactly facilitated by the cheap style of photoshop artwork they adopted somewhere along the way. Superficial complaint, but still. Reinforcing outsiders' prejudices about how this is all just silly stuff for sad teenagers. The early '90s work is still the best in my book (music AND artwork), but I have to admit 'A Map' is a really good album.
  • Avatar for Toll_Suur
    Вот она, сила 90-х!!
  • Avatar for rouzbedoomsday
    absolute legend! [11]
  • Avatar for de22zx
    since 2001...
  • Avatar for Andrey_Potokin
    absolute legend! [10]
  • Avatar for J_Skellington_1
  • Avatar for xlavoc
    I wish they had more albums like 34.788%...Complete, it's an absolute gem. [2]
  • Avatar for Unknowndarkgirl
    absolute legend! [9]
  • Avatar for dark_wisdom
    @georgieMT82 This music can be a lifesaver in dark times. Your friend didn't took it "too seriously", he took it the wrong way. Do yourself a favor and quit blaming music for people's bad decisions.
  • Avatar for Pheneks
    Quite the contrary, I think sad music can be quite a healing experience for people with depression or any type of sadness, it's comforting to know there's someone out there that feels like you.
  • Avatar for Sarguer
    Music that resonates with the darker side of feelings can be a true lifeline in a despondent life. I'm truly sorry for your loss, but perhaps it wasn't the music you lost your friend to.
  • Avatar for georgieMT82
    As a former fan of this music, I can only recommend one thing: Stop listening to dark and gloomy metal stuff and focus on the bright sides of life... Do yourselves a favour. I lost a friend who took this too seriously, this leads nowhere...
  • Avatar for Metalium66
    absolute legend! [8]
  • Avatar for jimenaconjota
    I wish they had more albums like 34.788%...Complete, it's an absolute gem.
  • Avatar for GudenesYndling
    absolute legend! [7] The best doom band ever!!!!
  • Avatar for rouzbesadsoul
    Great Band <3
  • Avatar for jusO6
    absolute legend! [6]
  • Avatar for dark_wisdom
    hehe [2]
  • Avatar for Baianolucas
    Not as good as A Day to Remember, but pretty decent band.
  • Avatar for IG0tErection
    absolute legend! [5] hehe
  • Avatar for nonnen8
    absolute legend! [4]
  • Avatar for GriendClub
    absolute poeben'
  • Avatar for HaloMarooned
    absolute legend! [3]
  • Avatar for anathema4
    Still sounds amazing after all those years.
  • Avatar for Post-romantic
    absolute legend! [2]
  • Avatar for sbsnpr
    absolute legend!
  • Avatar for Sacrut
    they are great!
  • Avatar for octopuss22
    Staying up late with the strange mixture of coffee, rum and energy drinks, watching "Salem" and listening to My Dying Bride between the episodes, seems to be a pretty enjoyable thing to me. I surely will keep doing it.
  • Avatar for whereloversrot
    New symphonic doom act from the US influenced by My Dying Bride, Draconian, Nightwish, Saturnus and others.
  • Avatar for DragonBottles
    A Line of Deathless Kings is a lot better than I remember.


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