• a 'get someone into MBV' mix

    20 Jun 2007, 04:09 by Inertia_90

    My second entry on My Bloody Valentine in a row. I'm on a roll. Anyhoo, here's a gentle 16-track intro to MBV. It includes their poppier songs but hints at the noisy avant-garde side as well. Tell me what you think.

    Strawberry Wine
    Never Say Goodbye
    This two tracks are from the sinfully underrated Ecstacy and Wine period. They're perhaps not as earth-shakingly awesome as the material that would follow but it's quite lovely all the same (not to mention, quite an improvement from their Dave Conway days. Eurrghh.)

    You Made Me Realise
    Cigarette in Your Bed
    These three are taken from the 1988 You Made Me Realise Ep (which I discussed in detail previously). This is when the critics stood up and took notice of the brilliant things the band were up to.

    Feed Me With Your Kiss
    Soft as Snow (But Warm Inside)
    Nothing Much to Lose
    Here are our representatives from the 1988 masterwork Isn't Anything. Harsh, explosive, ethereal, dreamy, and as damn near perfect as rock music has gotten, that record was MBV's masterwork. …
  • Radio Free Dominion 7

    24 Mar 2006, 21:02 by avatarofnirvana

    Today we go back and pick up a couple albums I missed...

    Laika Come Home A remix album, but not a bad one. Very minimalist. Glad to hear not just another techno jaunt, still, just doesn't really hit my palette.

    Kerplunk! Another of the early Green Day albums before they "sold out". Again, like 1039, it's a surprisingly good album! I went in expecting crap and really, the majority of it isn't.

    Young Team I'm not sure how you could say you hated mogwai. At the same time, I'm not sure how you could pick favorite mogwai songs. They all seem similar to me. Not saying that's a bad thing, just that well... it's interesting. I guess on the whole I'm just sort of indifferent to them. The music's just sort of there for me. After listening more, I start to pick out things I do and don't like. I don't know, maybe as I listen more I'll have a better idea.

    Nova Scotia Cousteau were one of those bands that I just sort of fell into. …