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  • Avatar for rukiren
    Harbinger is GREAT
  • Avatar for Monotonvs
    Empyrium is nothing special but listenable.
  • Avatar for cp316
    plastic bm
  • Avatar for Laanse
    What an overhyped band.
  • Avatar for MonstermanMFR
    Mutliation Rites - Harbinger Review: Follow us at:
  • Avatar for Sanctus0815
    Just bought Dawnbringer in a local record store. Great album!
  • Avatar for M0rbidBoy
  • Avatar for Snowspire2
    Harbinger is one of the greatest black metal albums ever.
  • Avatar for colderskin
    nah the LP is nice though... At times it plays like a black thrash record.
  • Avatar for colderskin
    "Tactical Means of Ouroboros"
  • Avatar for estebanfuego
    Yeah what's the deal with the vocals, same sound in all songs
  • Avatar for Kriegsphilosoph
  • Avatar for impulsiveS
    A lot of great stuff here.
  • Avatar for Lost_Souls_UK
    Devoid is a brilliant EP. This band could be easily overlooked as hype but the riffs justspeak for themselves: thrashing, black, punk and soulful. Reminds me of Taake like that.
  • Avatar for forfrosne
    Suffer the Children slays.
  • Avatar for SlaveOfN1l
    Almost fell asleep to their live set, terrible.
  • Avatar for Sladetroityer
    These guys are great. One of my favorite new bands.
  • Avatar for suicide_mouse
  • Avatar for suicide_mouse
    beardos who want to play crust but don't have the capability to stand out so they try to get noticed by playing "black metal" that's really just really bad punk
  • Avatar for Snowheadtemple
    v wearing leather pants in his mom's house right now
  • Avatar for NCROLST
    Boring pea-coat wearing bearded faggot metal
  • Avatar for mizukiMADNESS
    Goliath has everything I could wish for in a song.
  • Avatar for DARKZSOU7
    I find nothing special about them at all they're just an ok band.
  • Avatar for Ceminon
    Why did I wait so long to check this out?
  • Avatar for tricksterc
    Exciting and refreshing
  • Avatar for Nomadfyllan
    Boring and generic
  • Avatar for Ca_Nihil
    Good band
  • Avatar for chuche7787
    gotta love that d-beat in "Pariah".
  • Avatar for defnoob
    Average at best. Not really impressed but hey, at least they aren't faggots like the douches in Shiturgy
  • Avatar for tcallahan
    Saw these guys the other night, had never heard them, talk about impressive... still haven't heard any of their records tho
  • Avatar for tricksterc
    Such a fucking underrated band. [2]
  • Avatar for forfrosne
    Such a fucking underrated band.
  • Avatar for deemush
    love this band. the aggressiveness is just too good
  • Avatar for aghoraphobic
    Kinda surreal anytime I meet a band that comes to my shitty town before they pop up on my recommended radio. Great live set, and the crustiness is always good.
  • Avatar for skrimstla
    good stuff. But pls remove idiotic hc/punk parts, those are just disgusting.
  • Avatar for cfvk
    they all look sad.
  • Avatar for Morbidni_Isus
    'murica makes everything look funny.
  • Avatar for xulchi1l1baalra
    the main pic makes me vomit
  • Avatar for PATMAN2288
    North American tour... fuck yes!!!
  • Avatar for Nychts
  • Avatar for conraddson
    They're'a cookin'a sumthin up
  • Avatar for OneColourBlack
    They have progressed nicely since their EP. Empyrean is a stepping stone towards something monumental
  • Avatar for slayerus_
    "Empyrean" review here:
  • Avatar for SlaveOfN1l
    Not too impressed
  • Avatar for chuche7787
    I dig.
  • Avatar for homemadenapalm
    Is it just me or do these guys have more than a few d-beat touches?
  • Avatar for DragonBottles
    If they ever shave I'll be very disappointed.
  • Avatar for Lost_Souls_UK
    Some promising stuff, could be a bit more dynamic, vocals epecially. But quality band.
  • Avatar for Sarguer
    Americans can play some badass black when they want.
  • Avatar for NorseDave
    Awesome stuff, for sure!


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