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There are 2 bands with the name Musk.

1) Musk is an Australian hard rock/garage band obsessed with everything 70s. They use sophisticated disguises to hide their true identities and have their own range of colognes.

Musk released their self titled debut ep in 2010 and have an album entitled "Night Heat" on the way in 2011.


2) MUSK is a band that tries to combine fun with cool riffs, smashing drumbeats and sloppy bass. Only members are Mikael "Mikkri" Kristensen and Bo "Slave-monkey" Jespersen.

MUSK was founded in Århus, Denmark in June 2004, by drummer Bo Jespersen and drummer Mikael Kristensen. They were soon to realize that two drummers in one band did not work out, so Mikael converted to guitar, bass and singing.

The future aim of MUSK activities: Total world dominance!
(This objective is expected to be reached in 2020)


2004: Musktation!
2005: Downunder (limited single edition)
2005: Day Of The Muffin
2006: Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe
2007: Doggy Woggy Turkey Durkey
2008: Greatest Hits
2009: Do You Repent?




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