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-Feedback Ritual is uncompromisingly experimental. Recorded live in the studio, with no overdubs or rehearsal, using only field recordings, a Les Paul electric guitar, a Hiwatt amplifier, a Cry Baby wah-wah pedal and a Big Muff fuzzbox, the album is a ritual psychic cleansing by means of extreme noise. 
-The solemnities proceed in three stages. The first, Psychic Purification at the Amplifier Altar, is a lengthy meditation employing screaming, thunderous feedback to create an acerbic, corrosive wall of sound that swallows thought whole, bleaching and burning the mind to a pristine blank. The second, Strange Lights in the Sky, is a softer and more soothing interlude, with gently falling rain and ringing, lustrous feedback that resounds with all the purity of a Tibetan bell. Electrical Storm brings the ceremony to a close in a long, drawn-out explosion, in which the first track's rocket-engine roar is brought to still wilder intensities as it is married with the sound of a massive thunderstorm. 
-An unarguable trance, Feedback Ritual brooks no interference and seeks no permission, effortlessly overwhelming consciousness in an earth-rending avalanche of primal, raw, life-affirming sound. 
-Daily use is recommended, for the maintenance of mental hygiene. 

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