• iTunes Quiz

    9 Jul 2008, 19:39 by DiscoStud

    I just saw this on someone else's page and thought it would be interesting.

    Song's by Title:
    First Song: A-Punk by Vampire Weekend
    Last Song: * by M83

    Song's by Length:
    Shortest Song: Police by DJ Honda & PMD (0:05)
    Longest Song: 45:33: Nike+ Original Run by LCD Soundsystem (45:58) <- kind of strange it is longer than 45:33 :P

    By Artist:
    First Artist: A.C. Newman
    Last Artist: !!!

    By Album:
    First Album: Abductions & Reconstructions by Thievery Corporation
    Last Album: ( ) by Sigur Rós

    Top 10 Most Played Song (No Artist Repeats)
    1. Koyunbaba, Op. 19: I. Moderato by Alexander-Sergei Ramírez
    2. Midnight in a Perfect World by DJ Shadow
    3. Make Love by Daft Punk
    4. All That You Give by The Cinematic Orchestra
    5. Angelica by Lamb
    6. Go Henry by Hey Rosetta!
    7. You're Beautiful by Mojave 3
    8. Back on the Block by Fun Lovin' Criminals
    9. Kid for Today by Boards of Canada
    10. Communion Cups and Someone's Coat by Iron & Wine

  • V-Fest Day Two

    12 Sep 2007, 03:39 by banandon

    Me and my friends attended the second day for the Virgin Festival. We arrived late due to the unexpected big line-up and the ferry. When we arrived in we didn't know where to go but to the merch table first. We checked out what they had and I got to admit I was disappointed in what they had, I expected a lot more. They were way overpriced and the designs weren't good at all, so I didn't get anything. Pretty bummed I missed
    The Postage Stamps and Honeycut
    First act we checked out was DD/MM/YYYY they were pretty good, I haven't listened to them prior to this, so I thought it was a little strange. Some of their songs were good, I enjoyed the horns parts of some songs. After they handed out free cds which I got and the cd is cool they designed all the art themselves and every cd was different.

    After we browsed around and saw Biffy Clyro we immediately turned around because that just wasn't our cup of tea. Second act we checked out was Jamie T we was very good with the help of The Pacemakers backing him up. …
  • 3 Favourite Songs From Top 10 Artists

    27 Mar 2006, 00:10 by ungfh

    Just take your top 10 artists on last.fm, and list your three favourite songs by them.

    1. Jimi Hendrix
    - Manic Depression
    - Castles Made Of Sand
    - All Along The Watchtower

    2. Modest Mouse
    - Talking Shit About A Pretty Sunset
    - Gravity Rides Everything
    - Alone Down There

    3. Broken Social Scene
    - Swimmers
    - Handjobs For The Holidays
    - Pitter Patter Goes My Heart

    4. Eric Clapton
    - Tears In Heaven
    - Layla
    - Cocaine

    5. Metallica
    - Master Of Puppets
    - Nothing Else Matters
    - The Call Of Ktulu

    6. Museum Pieces
    - It Keeps Me Up
    - Little Love Too
    - The Gravel Track

    7. Immortal Technique
    - Dance With The Devil
    - You Never Know
    - Creation And Destruction

    8. Guns N' Roses
    - Sweet Child O' Mine
    - November Rain
    - Welcome To The Jungle

    9. Steve Vai
    - For The Love Of God
    - Tender Surrender
    - The Reaper

    10. Metric
    - Empty
    - Combat Baby
    - Poster Of A Girl