• syndicates TranceSound Session

    3 Jan 2010, 21:42 by trancesound syndicates TranceSound Session

    I would like to make it official, that administration team and moderation team are looking forward to syndicate the show we are running on weekly basis, in order to get the exposure and the support we are always looking forward to receive, so therefore if You love the show and You know the importance of TranceSound Session as a show and as something that made You feel better every time You had the chance to listen to it, there is a chance now to listen the show, on several other radio stations. Speaking about that, TranceSound Session got better as a show and as an EDM backbone, being supported by several big names put there.


    I would love to let You know a few names of all the international Djs that played at the TSS (the almost weekly TranceSound Session, TranceSound Showcase and also the annual TranceSound Festival) in alphabetical order.
  • TranceSound Festival 2009 - 4 years of !!!

    19 Oct 2009, 22:04 by trancesound

    Hello to everyone, salut tout le monde, ciao a tutti, hola a todos

    I would like to invite You for the annual TranceSound Festival, that I am running, celebrating 4 years of being aired/broadcasted within the last weekend of October 2009, inviting a bunch loads of Djs from all around the world and the Djs for the time of the event.

    This event will occur for 3 days, 72 hours from 30th, 31st of October and 1st of November by the way, being divided in 3 days, therefore, DAY 1 - TRANCE, DAY 2 - PROGRESSIVE & DAY 3 - AFTERPARTY and every single guest having 1 hour guest mix, something for everyone, with their unique, stylish and off the hook playlist, a top notch list, one of the best of the year !!!

    Speaking about that, TranceSound Session got better as a show and as an EDM backbone, being supported by several big names we had before, therefore I would like to make it clear for everyone please, that we will do our best (TranceSound. …
  • Out Now on Stellar Sounds: MuseArtic - Your Eyes Open EP

    5 Aug 2009, 11:40 by FlorisvanLier

    MuseArticYour Eyes Open EP
    Your Eyes Open

    Jet fueled stabs and clear as glass leads is the way to go for Museartic these days. Your Eyes Open and Besides are tracks reminiscent of Jonas Steur’s take on Trance: an analogue feel towards the break and summerish swing in the climax. If you like feel-good Trance which is made for sunny afternoons you’re definitely going to like this!
    Supported by: Menno de Jong, Tritonal, Kristina Sky, Cesar Lugo and others.

    More info:,

    More releases available on the Intuition Recordings label page.