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Sunburn (4:33)


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  • You can download that song from here as mp3 from youtube, Sunburn: http://musicnoow.com/v/tldnVFchBcE/sunburn-sucks
  • I wish the studio version had piano solo instead of guitar one. piano version sounds amazing live.
  • Still great....<3
  • The piano MAKES this. [27]
  • было бы перфект,если б и у меня Muse отражались в зеркале
  • The piano MAKES this. [26]
  • <3
  • fuck that bass line!!!!!!!!!
  • a little bit Deftones style
  • quintessence of or days
  • Dat guitar at the start of the second verse.
  • Sheee buuuuuurns like the suuuuuun (8)
  • Nice interaction with the recurrent piano noodle.
  • And suddenly, the organist becomes the cool guy in the rock band.
  • The piano MAKES this. [url=http://siriusblack.org][25] [/url]
  • The piano MAKES this. [24]
  • This song was the reason for liking MUSE in the first place. Absolutely amazing!! Must hear.
  • The piano MAKES this. [23]
  • The screaming guitar makes this
  • first Muse song I ever had on CD, a free CD that came with Q Magazine back in 1999. good stuff.
  • Hi! I'm from ASEA band - check out my Sunburn drum cover - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=DxN9g5gPf5c . Beautiful song!
  • make no mistakes
  • The piano MAKES this. [22]
  • •*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•
  • The piano MAKES this. [21]
  • Wonderful! The piano, drums, guitars, Matt's voice, the lyrics...all in perfect harmony to create this amazing atmosphere. Totally love it! Especially the piano!
  • The piano MAKES this. [20]
  • i can officially declare that this song has the best fuckin' intro.
  • Oh, my old Muse. <3
  • That moment when you look at Muse and see they made this and they also made... Unsustainable.
  • Don't kill me Muse fans but I've largely snoozed on the band and decided to get into them from the first album, this song, as soon as it started, I knew I was hooked. Fantastic album and amazing song! Cheers
  • She burns like the sun, I can't look away
  • vengo de escuchar madness...canciones como estas toman mas valor con el tiempo !!!
  • Even after all these years this song still sends shivers down my spine from the opening piano all the way to the very end. <3
  • fuck. how much i love this song..
  • Wie auf einer Welle!
  • The piano MAKES this. [19]
  • This is slowly turning out to be my fav Muse song, after New Born. Suits well for the phase im going through right now.
  • I love how depressing this song is. [2] Piano tune itself is depressing. And that bass!
  • I love how depressing this song is. This is actually the first song I ever heard by them and instantly fell in love.
  • pianist rules! this is the masterpiece[2]
  • pianist rules! this is the masterpiece
  • The piano MAKES this. [18]
  • The piano MAKES this. [17]
  • <3
  • The piano MAKES this. [16]
  • paradise
  • the glorious old days =)
  • Great song <3


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