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  • Avatar for Moldez9s8
    download Acoustic.mp3
  • Avatar for indyaltr
  • Avatar for awaitlightning
    Sometimes I wish I could take the arpeggios from the electric version and put them on this. Excellent nonetheless.
  • Avatar for bullandgate
    Best part: 0:00-5:12 [5]
  • Avatar for Robls
    It makes me go awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww in a very longwinded yet deeply sentimental fashion
  • Avatar for Bliss8117
    Best b-side on the album, save for Map Of Your Head.
  • Avatar for Twang6
    reminds me of Organic Stereo <3
  • Avatar for xyleeze
    they hardly do any acoustic songs its refreshing
  • Avatar for mnmari
    Best part: 0:00-5:12 [3]
  • Avatar for RuledByMUSE
    a bitter-sweet dream
  • Avatar for JulsRokker
    this song feels so good :)
  • Avatar for badbadugly
    sound from a dream
  • Avatar for FuryRex
    Absolutely beautiful.
  • Avatar for hpsss
    Best part: 0:00-5:12 [2]
  • Avatar for Fynar
    Take me baaack aaaagaain!
  • Avatar for asian_sensation
    One of my favourite Muse songs!
  • Avatar for gabystarlight
  • Avatar for r0tt1
    Can't believe i didn't notice this gem before. It's beautiful!
  • Avatar for Fynar
    Best part: 0:00-5:12
  • Avatar for cpn_crossfader
    seaside summer fountain frolics
  • Avatar for AliciaDays
  • Avatar for museforlife
    simply a gentle caress, this song.
  • Avatar for irissweet
    beautiful song,love it
  • Avatar for Parasence
    lifts my soul up :)
  • Avatar for hyperheroman
    I randomly threw this on a mix about 3 yrs ago. Loved it ever since!
  • Avatar for Webi12
    this is love
  • Avatar for fwopgossles
  • Avatar for spsoul133
    made me cry one time
  • Avatar for TwistedTree81
    Love it, so haunting and beautiful.
  • Avatar for Vicenteguiguren
    love this band and they'll be touring w/ Silversun Pickups soon
  • Avatar for philippaaaaargh
    Love this <3
  • Avatar for naova
    I love rain
  • Avatar for zanna618
    If this is a dream its a good one. =)
  • Avatar for philippaaaaargh
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    Beautiful song <3
  • Avatar for ksyun
    this song for me is like dark winter morning coz i used to wake up with Shine acoustic during a lot of winter days...
  • Avatar for Nightmaru
    GAH I fucken love this song! <333
  • Avatar for yourmuse2008
    Along With Fury, This Is Definately Worthy As An Album Song.
  • Avatar for Kur0iNamida
    The greatest Muse b-side imo
  • Avatar for sufjanatic_93
    I'm so tired of people comparing Radiohead and Muse.
  • Avatar for Bambi2803
    brings back memories, most of them painful, and the strumming always gets me. forever linked to last summer
  • Avatar for Romaneck
    The acoustic version is sooooo much better, man that Bellamy man has such a gifted voice
  • Avatar for fnglmuse
    a delicate caress...
  • Avatar for EatThiis
    seriously though, ive had more exitement watching songs of praise.
  • Avatar for EatThiis
  • Avatar for ookaa
  • Avatar for bookmusiclover
    Very calming.
  • Avatar for Elsku93
    awws<3 i love it.
  • Avatar for thewhitesilence
    Probably THE best ending to a Muse song. Just beautiful.
  • Avatar for ChuckNoris1
    MUSE!!! IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWSOME SAUCE!! BY FAR THE GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME (although this is not their best song)...


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