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Overdue (2:34)


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  • The verses are great, but the chorus sounds somewhat silly.
  • I'd pay a LOT to hear this live.
  • One of their finest!
  • honestly i don't understand all the hate it gets
  • We need to unite, especially now in the 2nd Law era!
  • Escape and Overdue are the last songs on Showbiz - and this stuff is awesomest! This is not bright-coloured like Muscle Museum or Cave, but it's so cool, musest and beautiful!
  • Saw them play this to a handful of people on Plymouth Hoe around 1997 - had to get the EP after I saw them.
  • Dear whoever says this is "awful", kindly choke to death on my giant dick because this is amongst their best and most underrated tunes. ♫ YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU KNOW THAT I CARE! ♫
  • Muse EP version is the best!
  • one of the best Muse's songs [2]
  • oh, I wish it was a bit longer... great great great!
  • omg i used to love it when i was a teenage girlie (hopelessly in love with Matt :D). after all these years it's still a good song (and Matt's still hot!)
  • Muse EP version :D
  • Ow the good times.....
  • mmmmmmm. i like the ep version best.
  • Ok song
  • awful
  • great!
  • nixe schlechte
  • I love this song.. most of you say it's a bad song and blabla I dont give a sh*t about it xD muse <3
  • the most hated muse song next to SMBH...i still love it :D
  • So very much fun
  • ich mag's!!
  • ...god...this brings back memories...I'd put this on while lying in a one man tent...it sounded good back then anyway...
  • This is like... the worst song pre-Absolution
  • Fuck the f-word, it's such a mean-spirited word.
  • awesome!
  • Can I like it? Please? Lmao.
  • they only have perfect songs
  • si la neta si estan chingonas las rolas buena vibra a todos chau
  • Una buenisima canción, como todas las de MUSE!!! No hay ninguna canción que sea mala!!! TODAS SON BUENAS!!! :D siempre MUSE!!
  • I know that I'm aroused~
  • i love it =DD
  • in my opinion they've made better songs, but this one is pretty good
  • worse song? how about starlight? this is a pretty good song.
  • go get 'em tiger! anyways, I just realized how good this song is :o why couldn't it be a little longer :(
  • Mmm, de maravilla. Fuck off WannabeMsDarko & Karolcia.
  • Canción qla buena conchetumadreeeeeeeee :)
  • mamma mia....alzo le mani.....nn c sn parole x descriverli
  • so, why should i care??
  • the worst one on Showbiz
  • The best Muse song imo. I wish it was a bit longer though, it's over so quickly but it's a couple of minutes of amazing.
  • Love this song. :)
  • loved their concert... not some of the teen fans
  • Muse at their best!
  • Masterpiece, for me
  • laurenshanny, in my opinion, ANY Muse song is better than this one. (At least no worse song comes to my mind right now.)
  • <3
  • Totally in love with the bass on this one.


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