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  • Avatar for Randall-Flagg
    Haunted & brilliant.
  • Avatar for muerto14
  • Avatar for daGrevis
    This is amazing!
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
  • Avatar for Malkamillian
    Argh! Skipped.
  • Avatar for dennis1808
    If they would still play this live, that'd be great!
  • Avatar for MultiverseMann
    want THIS Muse again!!
  • Avatar for djnonplus
  • Avatar for fmello96
    That drumming at the end is insane.
  • Avatar for deneika_
    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm uuuuuuuuuuuuu I love it!
  • Avatar for Nettacki
    Needs more excessive inhaling.
  • Avatar for RespectableChap
    Imagine if Muse had copied Lightning Bolt instead of Queen and just had falsetto noise rock loveliness for their latter albums
  • Avatar for marwin836
    I think the best way to describe this song is - nmpsogfmosdnfosdnm.
  • Avatar for pingywings
    i really want to hear somebody sing a "barry white" version of this
  • Avatar for Warwick16
    I would like to sing this song when I will be very drunk, it would be awful :D
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
  • Avatar for Fynar
    For me, Muse peaked at this moment on Origin of Symmetry - Citizen Erased followed by Micro Cuts. Immense. [3]
  • Avatar for fujishironageki
    i love this
  • Avatar for DawnyMarieS
    The best Muse song of them all (and that's saying a lot).
  • Avatar for zombiesaresmart
    Hullaballoo version > every other single version ever in the history of humankind
  • Avatar for kirstylaaa
    If they ever make an album or song as original as this again, I'll eat my right arm.
  • Avatar for rolgaM
    For me, Muse peaked at this moment on Origin of Symmetry - Citizen Erased followed by Micro Cuts. Immense. [2]
  • Avatar for LarissaSODMG
    Needs more falsetto. [2]
  • Avatar for Bliss8117
    Needs more falsetto.
  • Avatar for guto013
    You’ve scrobbled this track 45 times. You first scrobbled it on 5 Nov 2010. You love this track. - not bad
  • Avatar for hunkydoris
  • Avatar for V4run
    Mindblowing outro. RATM-ish.
  • Avatar for spadeskull5fdp
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  • Avatar for masodikgalamb
    why can't they still make songs like this??
  • Avatar for GooalaShooola
    For me, Muse peaked at this moment on Origin of Symmetry - Citizen Erased followed by Micro Cuts. Immense.
  • Avatar for Ow920
    Bass riff at the end is so good. I love this song
  • Avatar for Bliss8117
    Nah, Montreux Jazz Festival's the best. HAARP is up there though.
  • Avatar for dead_world19
    HAARP version is the best, no doubt. [2]
  • Avatar for skimutis51
    what just happends?!?!?
  • Avatar for curty_
    "You’ve scrobbled this track 8 times. You first scrobbled it on 23 Aug 2011". Bit ashamed by those stats!
  • Avatar for purpleasure
    I can sing this song as no one .... awful as no one. Love it
  • Avatar for Willhellmine
    I went crazy when I heard this song live x]
  • Avatar for SamuelEllmer
    Absolutely incredible at Reading. The video they played on the screen was as haunting and demented as FUCK. Loved it.
  • Avatar for kirstylaaa
    Micro Cuts, to me, has always truly encapsulated the soul of Origin of Symmetry - completely unique, beautiful, experimental, not of this planet. One of the best Muse tracks ever.
  • Avatar for Fynar
    The lyrics!
  • Avatar for Brombit
    The constant "opera" singing is too much for me
  • Avatar for DonPinguin
    yeah this one's pretty insane
  • Avatar for charis_matic
    HAARP version is the best, no doubt. +1
  • Avatar for owl21
    their best song imo
  • Avatar for englandismiine
    this is one of their best songs. It is so damn frustrating knowing I wont ever be able to see it live :(
  • Avatar for ninaA7x
    Wow....Matt <3
  • Avatar for MrMostauche
    the last part makes my ears feel in heaven
  • Avatar for aelimeade
  • Avatar for rg_gapa
    Muse won everything ♥ Proof me wrong XD
  • Avatar for sunshine1981
    yeah, that's an insane song


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