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  • Avatar for GiancarloPessoa
    This song is a fucking masterpiece.
  • Avatar for ackles84
    que voz que homem
  • Avatar for Darmst
    am I the only one who hears monkey sounds?
  • Avatar for Rodwen
    fucking awful
  • Avatar for wassermensch
  • Avatar for jeff2291
  • Avatar for robveiga
    I think one of the worst of them! Boring music
  • Avatar for robveiga
    I like too much Muse , is one of my fave band
  • Avatar for ilperdido
    This song is a masterpiece!
  • Avatar for katttena
    даже не верится, что это Мьюз
  • Avatar for Sirqum
    Одна из самых дерьмовых "хитовок" Muse. [2]
  • Avatar for Stoned_FAN
    Не ожидал услышать классическую дабстеповую воблу.
  • Avatar for Tlratigan
    our love is mamamamamamaddddddddnessssssssssssssss
  • Avatar for GoryBlueCat
    Awesome! :3
  • Avatar for marjo47
    After listening oldies songs, I love to listen to this music to!
  • Avatar for Banhayorke
    Pra correr ouvindo esse som não tem coisa melhor
  • Avatar for Anutka-Anutka
  • Avatar for Fictional_Cat
    Клип очень даже не плох)
  • Avatar for Gaija2507
    Одна из самых дерьмовых "хитовок" Muse.
  • Avatar for morozoffv
  • Avatar for miika_mikkelsen
    yes it sounds strange with al the mmmmmmad mad.. mmmmmad mad.. but fuck it, its muse!!!
  • Avatar for muerto14
    One of their worst songs, but fuck that, it's Muse, bitches! [2]
  • Avatar for vickycarmichael
    Something very Queen about this.
  • Avatar for LADYHAGUA
    Thanks for sharing....good music!!!!
  • Avatar for Patriushko
    interesting video...
  • Avatar for channelLuiz
  • Avatar for x__NaThY__x
    I really don't understand the hate for this song at all. Who cares if it sounds "too mainstream"? I just know that this is one of the best songs I've ever heard, period!!
  • Avatar for Wonderfull_
    I need your love...
  • Avatar for EzraTurner
    this song is so important!!!!
  • Avatar for HayleighRayment
    Who ciaz or 4uuuis?
  • Avatar for Val1037
    Confesso que não sou muito fã do Muse, mas essa música é muito bonita
  • Avatar for HayleighRayment
    When I heard tjis I asked about a dead man
  • Avatar for DemonioYCarne
    datt base
  • Avatar for bobdeker
    Great cover of Madness:
  • Avatar for Skylight-cat
    Цитата из песни: "MA MA MA MA MA MA MA MA Mad Mad Mad......" ROFL
  • Avatar for Listener_to_all
    One of their worst songs, but fuck that, it's Muse, bitches!
  • Avatar for marjo47
    Loving this song and band.
  • Avatar for niqart
    Haters think they look very important & cool hating this song. But they even can`t imagine how stupid & miserable they are. That`s all.
  • Avatar for herculean_
    the worst song by them
  • Avatar for i_woke_up_dead
    This song sucks!
  • Avatar for Ambient2100
  • Avatar for nrth
    this song actually made me like Muse
  • Avatar for bastian8
  • Avatar for Kiss1122
    it is my favorite band!
  • Avatar for SamuelEllmer
    One of my absolute favourites. Grew on me in ways I'd never thought a song like this would. Well done, Muse! Much better live than Undisclosed Desires too! Which was a relief because, as good as the studio recording was, it was pants in a stadium/ arena set. All these OoS/ Absolution praising 'Musers', with their narrow minded views which haven't changed for 8 years, really do make me laugh! Change the fucking record!
  • Avatar for henrizzle2011
    Pretty decent song. Don't see the hate. It is not on par to their older material though, but still really nice song :)
  • Avatar for Shallon-Hughes
    Greatly prefer Origin of Symmetry/Absolution[2] This is their worst song, It's flat and sounds too "mainstream"... Hopefully their new album will have vitality and uniqueness just like the muse I grew to love. (This is purely my opinion)
  • Avatar for super-niuchacz
    whoa! simple but captivating! u have to try it
  • Avatar for mokealoa
    unlike them. not really
  • Avatar for franbielle


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