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Exo-Politics (3:53)


  • It does sound like Like a Stone. Copped?
  • best on there album by far
  • When the zetas fill the sky will our liders tell us why...
  • I'm waiting patiently
  • brilliant tune!
  • I love this track! =]
  • GREAT.
  • I seem to have noticed that half Muse fans love this song and half dont think its anything special. I love it personally.
  • when i heard the pirate version of this song i first thought he said 'sphincters in the sky'. PFFF
  • when the zetas fill the skies (8) i love this song and this part > <
  • I finally figured it out! Audioslave's Like A Stone! That's been bugging me forever.
  • GREAT live.
  • This song is like the good version of Supermassive Black Hole.
  • Heh. Yeah, I'd like some insight into that.
  • Crushed antiques?
  • This is IMHO the best song in the black holes etc album :)
  • Gah! Where did all the song stats go?
  • ?
  • How do you guys ALL have this and yet there's only 1 listen on this track for last.fm?
  • this is just...Awesome!!!
  • Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!!!!
  • Great chorus.. aweeesome song! :D
  • Yeah, this is a great album track.
  • it is the best track from the album ! I love it
  • FULLY-LOADED SATELLITES! Love that bit soooo much.
  • I like the old lyrics better.
  • Zetas FTW!


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