21 Apr 2008, 14:22 by plumindustries

    MusSck (UK)

    MusSck is London-based artist Valence Drakes. For this fortnights playlist, MusSck has prepared the Glitch Hop Warrior mix, made up mostly of original tunes but also featuring Australian cult band Toydeath. MusSck has re-mixed a number of Toydeath tracks, some of which can be heard on his myspace.

    MusSck is the creator of sounds that illustrate an evolution of a new wave thoughts and style, his sounds promise a journey into surreal and unknown, with melodies that drag you out of your routine and generate curiosity and beats that let you get comfy then demand that you keep up this trip down the rabbit hole, wonderland styles!!! (Word by Oracle)

    MusSck would like to acknowledge the following groups - Compose Purpose; Global Vortex; Hypnotic Melodies.

    1. Monster ft. Toydeath
    2. Every Sin Leaves A Mark
    3. The Other World
    4. Heart Of Gold
    5. The Last Name
    6. The Town Of Slaughter
    7. 9 Feet Under
    8. The Man With No Name