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  • IBAL and WWSAWWBLOT are both awesome
  • Okay, which CD should I get? I only have like four songs right now..
  • probably because they're on eyeball records, which is MOSTLY hardcore stuff... so that sort of rounds them up into that category.
  • i enjoy this band yet have no idea with their fan base. a lot of kids normally into hardcore listen to them. hmm
  • nothing sexier than a girl on a cello
  • jeez who cares? they're a spectacular band, and that's about all that matters
  • they aren't emo. they are hardcore folk. ;)
  • are they really emo? They just dont sem like it to me
  • june fourteenth.
  • finally gonna see em this saturday in roseville (maybe again on sunday in san francisco) - i'm so psyched!
  • They never cease to amaze me. Like some of you already mentioned, the new album is pretty different. I somehow miss the gloominess of the last record (though the new one is anything but the complete opposite), but I think you can't demand repetition by such great musicians. Brilliant work!
  • brilliant band
  • the new album is amazing, after hearing Brother, I was a bit worried. Although I liked the song it was very...bland in comparison to some of their other work. However this album is absolutely mindblowing, it's definitely faster and more rocking than any of their previous efforts, and it's sure as hell different, but it never dissappoints. I downloaded a leak but I've got my copy preordered :D
  • okay, so at first i felt the new album was so-so, but after (many) listens i've decided it's pure genius. i still can't stand dynamite mine tho... and all you guys who downloaded a leaked copy should go cop their cd (and a free shirt) for 12 bucks. support glorious music you bahstads.
  • i've been checking every day for a month to find a leaked copy of the cd. in my defense, i preordered the cd the day that it was available. it's a really sweet new cd, by the way
  • Yeah, I coudn't help myself with the leak, but I'll buy it too!
  • notice how that was posted 3 months ago. it's incredibly easy to dispell rumors once the album is out. and i'm not proud to admit i also have a leaked copy.
  • It's definitely not about Dante's Inferno. Just listen to the streamed track... or download the leak. One or the other.
  • anyone know if it's really gonna be about Dante's Inferno?
  • New album this May. I am happy in the pants


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