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  • Avatar for bianquefr
  • Avatar for jessickaz
    "Take the spade from my hands and fill in the holes you've made" Such a powerful line.
  • Avatar for liyah40
  • Avatar for Toop6
    One of my personal favourites from this album. Really powerful.
  • Avatar for courtrion
    Arm your hope with good seeds, don't cover yourself with thistles & weeds
  • Avatar for mii_soares
    rain down, rain down on me
  • Avatar for bicknor
    It is getting too dark to see.............. difficult, then , to be able to hold on, especially when upon one's knees............
  • Avatar for anniemel13
    rain down, rain down on me...........i will hold on - i will hold on - hold on - hold on awesome!!!!
  • Avatar for AeneasVsTurnus
    I will hold on.
  • Avatar for jomabbs
    I think they could be as big as Pink Floyd, they are certanly carlving out there own neach in the pop industry
  • Avatar for blakeandcamp
    One of my favorite Mumford tracks. Absolutely amazing.
  • Avatar for crjones2011
    Song saved my life a few months ago...
  • Avatar for raffy_rillo
    I will hold on.
  • Avatar for Larintha
    this song is enchanting
  • Avatar for crios88
    Beauty incarnate. Ugh. I can't even. Mumford and Sons is too amazing.
  • Avatar for swansfeather
    this is a really sad song.
  • Avatar for K_huna
    "Reminds me of Primordial very much." ... holy shit... now that you said it, never thought mumford and sons could sound like primordial XD
  • Avatar for aliosza
  • Avatar for JohnMRinaldi
    Amazing, amazing band.
  • Avatar for nick_honest
  • Avatar for Yuli04
  • Avatar for jackomufc
    its no roll away your stone but its good nevertheless
  • Avatar for ldrmo
    Great tune
  • Avatar for JeuneFille1106
    I love it....
  • Avatar for Daniel_Green
    Amazing song!
  • Avatar for Demon-Jake
    Gives me chills every time. The best track off Sigh No More, though Dust Bowl Dance and Little Lion Man are close behind.
  • Avatar for dannyboy182
    Such a tune
  • Avatar for bicknor
    So will I, just as weeds do, clinging to life.................. and thistles
  • Avatar for paraheart17
    love this song. love Mumford & Sons.
  • Avatar for bicknor
  • Avatar for itsnotoveryet27
    "I will hold on".............although surrendering is sometimes very attractive, or isn't this one reason to sing such a refrain
  • Avatar for miliano84
    never heared of them before but now i guess it will be one of my insider tipps forever !
  • Avatar for Shagrin
    so underrated song... [3]
  • Avatar for Fullmoonstruck
    Reminds me of Primordial very much.
  • Avatar for alicesimba
    so underrated song... [2]
  • Avatar for eymensg
    dont like folk even the tag here Great band great titel !!
  • Avatar for Alicesque
    Holy crap. [3]
  • Avatar for lambda_halbe
    omg what a song °_°
  • Avatar for sugar_ddevil
    so underrated song...
  • Avatar for Curry84
    Holy crap. [2]
  • Avatar for Chris-Blitz
    Holy crap.
  • Avatar for julesmusique
    Fuck. Every song has me in tears tonight.
  • Avatar for HemmyoO
  • Avatar for Rudaaa91
    I'm addicted to this voice^^
  • Avatar for Rudaaa91
    I Love this song and this band!
  • Avatar for deftonico
  • Avatar for pouncing_panda
    His voice reminds me of Xavier Rudd here.
  • Avatar for Adriat1c
  • Avatar for vojtisss
    I love this. It's so beautiful. I heard it on Grey's Anatomy and I had to know who it was! [2]
  • Avatar for Donia141078
    this song is amazing *.* love at first listen.[3]


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