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  • Avatar for mordwyr
    Back again. So good!
  • Avatar for mordwyr
    The ghosts that we knew Made us black and all blue But we'll live a long life
  • Avatar for Galinor
    By far not as good as "Sigh No More", it's missing it's dynamics and it's great melodies (only exception: "Below My Feet"). It all sounds like one song and I don't think that it is a good one. They kept playing their old style without variation, the only difference is it's lack of great moments which definitely made "Sigh No More" a good thing to listen to.
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  • Avatar for Infernatic
    I prefer this album to Sign No More. But I agree with niebesu, the one reason I never really liked Mumford & Sons was because they're a folk band that constrains themselves to using the same melodies and instruments. It's all a little samey.
  • Avatar for punga_galbena
    second half sucks
  • Avatar for Jidzze
    The opening few songs are quite enjoyable, the second half is monotonous. A decent album, but it does not stand a chance against Sigh No More. [2]
  • Avatar for isitbeer30yet
    @niebesu: I'm just curious how you experiment with the sound of a banjo? If you don't like the sound of the banjo, why the f*ck are you listening? If this album is like a one hour song, then right on... I believe I have an hour to listen to some fine music.
  • Avatar for its_Matt_yall
    Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the album of the year!
  • Avatar for niebesu
    Disappointing. They need to put the damn banjo down for a while... or at least find some new ways to experiment with the sound..
  • Avatar for niebesu
    Every song sounds the same [8] its like a one hour long song [5]
  • Avatar for Lowbacca
    Every song sounds the same [7] its like a one hour long song [4] - yap.
  • Avatar for mega_wicked
    Maybe it's just a one hour long song.... but it's a beautiful song. [2]
  • Avatar for lemmy83
    Maybe it's just a one hour long song.... but it's a beautiful song.
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  • Avatar for Djoga
    "One, For Words" is the debut album by Keston Cobblers' Club. You can listen to the whole album here and here is their BBC Session for Steve Lamacq -
  • Avatar for Jokurr
    Maybe it's because I got into this band after Babel was released but I find it to be incredible. It's hard to pick a favourite between the two albums.
  • Avatar for WarrenM2008
    It's odd that when a mediocre artist releases an album completely similar to the last one, the fans are praising it, but when someone like Mumford and Sons does it, the people hate it. Sure, some of the songs are too similar to Sigh No More, but we loved it in the first place for being a nice escape from the mainstream. Just enjoy what it's trying to accomplish.
  • Avatar for arvvaz89
    If you really think all the songs sound the same you obviously suck at listening to music..... Sure a lot of them are similar but there are differences in both arrangements and tempo, but i guess it's just too subtle for you. You loved Sigh No More, what did you expect this time around? It's really just more of the same style. Sigh No More is not more "varied" than Babel, it's just you that are blinded.
  • Avatar for therhapsody
    Every song sounds the same [6] its like a one hour long song [3]
  • Avatar for B1ruza
    well, only one song for me, unfortunately
  • Avatar for saraaniceto
    Masterpiece [2] I Will Wait and Lovers' Eyes
  • Avatar for WallasOliveira
    Every song sounds the same [5] its like a one hour long song [2]
  • Avatar for Kaboomsk
    Disappointing...doesn't contain the magic of their first album.
  • Avatar for chamachuchi
    i love it :( it sounds so melancholic
  • Avatar for the_real_bigjay
    all of these songs sound the same when i play them quietly and yell the f word and suck at listening to music
  • Avatar for Me_andMyMusic
    I truly love this.
  • Avatar for jnfbn
    Every song sounds the same [4] its like a one hour long song
  • Avatar for sweettrash
  • Avatar for pascoal91
    Whether good or bad, I am Honestly disappointed
  • Avatar for ldrmo
    I love it.
  • Avatar for Under_Radar_Mag
    Our review of Babel:
  • Avatar for IGORSERRADO
    Every song sounds the same [3]
  • Avatar for byqui
  • Avatar for Guy-Fawkes
    worse than before. Every song sounds the same. x2
  • Avatar for DavidAchuleta
    love it
  • Avatar for Breakfaust
    Beyond overrated. Every song sounds the same.
  • Avatar for GizemAksoy
  • Avatar for JackJones17
    very good album...below my feet, holland road are the best songs and the lovely simon & garfunkel cover is wonderful :)
  • Avatar for TheSuperCrasher
    Love at first listen.
  • Avatar for arcanExistence
    It's not as melancholic as Sigh No More, takes away a bit of their magic, but it's wonderful for what it is.
  • Avatar for LeH450
  • Avatar for penguinpagey
    I am disappointed this album is not doom folk.
  • Avatar for hoomantc
    Please go below website and vote for "BABEL". Let's keep them up;
  • Avatar for flipjul
    love this album. yes its kind of the same as their first album but thats not a bad thing at all. its the same M&S we all know and love. im glad they stuck to their sound and didnt change just for the sake of change
  • Avatar for Marucin666
    fucking amazing album <3
  • Avatar for yo09
    "It’s not perfect, but it’s perfectly Mumford & Sons." -
  • Avatar for felghen
    Worth waiting for :] (I will wait, I will wait, for you!)
  • Avatar for Lizannn
    Aaah finally :)
  • Avatar for PsychoNicky
    I have mixed feelings about this album. It's similar to 'Sigh No More', but it lacks the charm 'Sigh No More' had. Maybe that's the problem... It's predictable, it's not special and unique. I like it, but then I don't. I don't know anymore. Perhaps it will grow on me after some time.


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