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The new Norwegian ambient band MULM was started after Ketil S (who also make music as Taphephobia on Reverse alignment), wanted a collaboration track for a planned split release, he invited Hærleif (also active under the moniker Northaunt on Cyclic law records and others) and the team Erik and Erlend (normally recording as Avsky on Reverse Alignment) this release however, due to the intricate ways of labels, never came to be, but the collaboration went so well that they, okay, "we" decided to try to make another track, feeling pretty happy about this new track also, we are now finished with a full cd. …. Our recording process is painfully slow, with sounds being sent back and forth, tiny details added one day, some guitar drone the other. …. Our vision with this band is still obscure, but slowly it seems to have found it's own "soul", as if no words was necessary, we speak as one.

The End of greatness was released February 2012

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