1 Feb 2009, 16:02 by missionair

    After pretty intense and not so short sludge and related listening period, I just have to express and organize my thoughts and conclusions drawn during this time. You know, I have always been a style/genre classification nerd so if you're going to read it (or not read it) and write something like "blah, this journal sucks, there is no genres at all just the good and bad / i like and i dislike music and whatever" just pass by with your mouth shut the fuck up, okay? I'd be glad to read any constructive comments rich in content, whether you're agreed or arguing. So, reading from this point means that you accept the statements above and I can go on and start nerdying.

    First of all, the term stands for in full spelling, this is the fact I truly keep my belief in.

    update: I think this part needs brief explanation. When I say "sludge = sludge doom metal" I mean that sludge can be considered as doom metal's subgenre, but not as hardcore punk's. …
  • My Two Year (The Venture Into Foreign Waters)

    19 Jun 2008, 20:48 by meleemario

    Well, well, well, has it been two years already? It seems like yesterday it was only a year, ah well in any case, a two year anniversary requires a blog about my current adventures in music. Since last year, I discovered a truckload of bands (Sludge Metal, Crust Punk, Powerviolence, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Crossover, Thrashcore, and Stoner Rock, respectively, though there's probably some others i'm forgetting).

    To start things off, I caught up with my Soulseek friend, LysergicAcidDiEthylAmide, after he was discharged from the military, and he told me about Dead Meadow, Kyuss (Even though I knew about them for a while), Ahkmed, and The Atomic Bitchwax. Then I talked to Juano again around this time, and he told me about Hammers of Misfortune. Not too long after that did I start talking to zzharvins (Formerly known as Clevemire on slsk) and he told me about Grief, Suplecs, Railsplitter, Eyehategod, Baroness, 16, Fudge Tunnel, Fistula, Buzzov*en, Mugwart, Illogicist, Noothgrush, Iron Lung, and Hawg Jaw. …

    13 Nov 2006, 04:10 by tcallahan

    I GOT SOME new music this month, IT'S PRETTY GOOD IN GENERAL, I have only got two CDs in recent history that i really didn't like, and they were by Ed Gein who are really stupid and Cephalic Carnage who can't decide WHAT GENRE OF METAL THEY ARE and so i found them to be UNLISTENABLE. also i have gotten this stuff this month so far (i am updating it as i get more stufff!!!! omgLOLZ):

    Agoraphobic Nosebleed - PCP TORPEDO i don't really need to comment on this... ten tracks, six and a half minutes.

    Burzum - Det Som En Gang Var
    I REALLY AM BECOMING A BIG BURZUM FAN, I MIGHT BUY A SHIRT. i didn't like black metal before and still don't really as a genre but burzum does some good stuff, and by that i mean i can actually listen to it, which is NOT THE CASE with most black metal

    Boris - akuma no uta
    WHICH I AM LIKING A LITTLE MORE NOW but not that much, i like AMPLIFIER WORSHIP the best and then PINK, cuz that last track is SOO GOOD

    Sunn O))) & Boris - altar