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    12 Feb 2007, 09:03 by Immodium

    Exactly one year today since i joined
    and a quick look at the charts is in order i believe.
    I would like to state that since I have too many favorite bands, these charts are totally unfair, and would just give you a hint of what I've been listening to this last year. :)

    1.Sonic Youth
    This band truly belongs at first place, I can agree with that. almost a 150 more listenings than the runner-up says it all.

    Also one of my favorites of course. they belong way up high, but perhaps not second place. I'm not sure. the release of "Mr. Beast" last year. sure contributed to the high rating.

    3. Tom Waits
    sort of a new found love last year. most excellent.

    4. Four Tet
    Can't get enough four tet. seen him live several times.
    Apart from his regular albums you should check out his remixes, and especially on the "dj kicks" album.

    5. the tied fifth place between Pixies and Radiohead is not very suprising. both bands that has been around for a long time for me.