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  • Avatar for elisey_karps
    new album is brilliant <3
  • Avatar for Mohhito
    Can you feel it?
  • Avatar for Pam-param-pam
  • Avatar for dj_axic
    Start Line is fockin r-some!!!
  • Avatar for Ih8myM8
    Well, it's only a mix-cd, but anyway.
  • Avatar for Ih8myM8
    Why isn't Sighco Show listed in the albums? It's incredible great.
  • Avatar for Paoolina
    Tear Your Soul ♥
  • Avatar for Scrap92
    4 Years is A WE SOME! [3] an album would be nice! :) [2]
  • Avatar for ojigbe
  • Avatar for mattit
    kaijjaanista kajahtaa. [2]
  • Avatar for Orkult
    kaijjaanista kajahtaa.
  • Avatar for StrangePooP
    an album would be nice! :)
  • Avatar for stanton119
    4 Years is A WE SOME! [2]
  • Avatar for raz0rsedge
    4 Years is A WE SOME!
  • Avatar for Prodygal
    Mind Games!
  • Avatar for bong_ra
    Mind Games is very underrated chune :>
  • Avatar for roflcopter4e
    EVERYTHING is the best
  • Avatar for emmiy
    seriously, i can't believe there's something so awesome coming from finland! huhhuh, ihan mahtavaa :-D
  • Avatar for mattit
    Oh yeah and, "4 Years" sounds fantastic too!
  • Avatar for mattit
    hear me scream :love [2]
  • Avatar for sergioarincon
    hear me scream :love
  • Avatar for ojigbe
    Love Dribble! What a track pure roller coaster for me
  • Avatar for IG-Jordy
    Damn what a good style, deserves more attention imo... Better than most overrated dubstep dj's *datsik*
  • Avatar for apoxic
    Heh, you can even look at the titles of his dubstep EP an realize what kind of shitfest its gonna be.
  • Avatar for oschimaster
    Dribble is un-f******-believable awesome!
  • Avatar for SpaceCadet1
    Move/Neurons: proof that this guy can also do some serious damage in the dubstep scene. Muffler is easily one of the greatest things to ever come out Finland <3
  • Avatar for Forever_Asleep
    Embrace + Nutcracker. <3
  • Avatar for SPPeaR
    Can You Feel!
  • Avatar for lshelper
    Ешь сыр, коменты смотри, жирей и умри с бородой.
  • Avatar for dukzcry
    Глушак, ты по что это свое демосценерское развитие (с корнями из детства, между прочим!) забросил, и ударился в упорыш-музыку?
  • Avatar for grasmaaier
    is this the same guy as Axis of Evil ?
  • Avatar for enjooy-music
  • Avatar for becker_90
    ¡Paraguay Paraguay!
  • Avatar for avatar0779
    calling your name ♥
  • Avatar for luksuria
    funkybeatz! awesome tunes.
  • Avatar for axiomastill
    Good positive music! Thanks
  • Avatar for love_silence
  • Avatar for l1qweed
    hell yeah~~~ one ov the greatest techmospheric/liquidfunk act ever <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for producerdan74
    Pinball Fantasies is amazing. The synth reminds me of 80s vid games..... beautiful!!
  • Avatar for Darth_Haggis
    Come and play some gigs in the UK, you're awesome!
  • Avatar for Jakemuska
    Pinball Fantasies remix is sick
  • Avatar for mgtrowe
    "Muffler's mighty megamix" shaped 2 years of my life. Thank-you.
  • Avatar for NGcs
  • Avatar for olelka87
    Lublin ElectronicSound Festival
  • Avatar for JaX3RiR
    Whoah, Muffler is is Finnish? That's great! Hear Me Scream really finishes Hospital Records' "Sick Music" compilation very nicely. (:
  • Avatar for Zdrfk
  • Avatar for aironeus
    Autumn!!! One of my fav d'n'beez
  • Avatar for BaR2Sh
    youre awsome dude
  • Avatar for jussm
    DOA Mix May, 2 hours of awesomeness. :)
  • Avatar for Kodoichi
    Yeah Sallakat, you're proud to be Finnish because someone else does the work for you...


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