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"Progressive Hip-Hop For Old School Hip-Hop Fans."

Mr. Invisible's story starts in an unlikely setting, a rural town called Mt. Holly in the backwoods of North Carolina. At first glance, it's the typical "redneck" town with more trees than people and more pick-up trucks than high school graduates. The outsider would never think that this little spec of dust could be the birthplace of something so original, progressive, explosive and even more surprisingly Hip-Hop. Don't forget, it only takes a single atom to make a really big bang. Even Justin "Aswell" Blackwood and Blake "Ill-use" Matthews didn't realize their potential when they made their first musical connection in the freestyle cyphers in front their hometown high school.

Aswell, then known for his longwinded beat box, recognized something different about this little kid with heavy rhymes and crazy energy named Ill-use. In 1998, Aswell asked him to join Mr. Invisible's first incarnation as the group Dominant-7, now known as one of the forefathers of the early Charlotte Hip-Hop scene. The many years Ill-use and Justin Aswell spent with Dominant-7 proved to be the perfect foundation. It give them chances to perform hundreds of times and with artist such as DJ Vadim (Ninja Tune), Atmosphere (Rhymesayers), Little Brother (ABB Records) and Themsleves (Anticon). As Dominant-7's time in the "Queen City" Hip-Hop scene came to a close, Mr. Invisible emerged.

Keeping the energetic live show of Dominant-7 and adding a new technical proficiency, Mr. Invisible's sound began to take form. Inspired by their research of classic Hip-Hop, Mr. I began to realize their love for the old school aesthetics. Uptempo beats, fast raps, dirty records and B-boy inspired breaks became the backbone of the group. Unwilling to keep it all in the past, Mr. Invisible decided to utilize futuristic weapons in the form of live beat performing and sample manipulation. These components mixed with wide ranged rhymes referencing quantum mechanics, underdog determination and a love for all the elements of Hip-Hop create the music known as Mr. Invisible.

"So wait, Mr. Invisible is a group and not a person?"

Right. Though it might be confusing, it's also true. "Mr. Invisible" is created by aligning three different people (Ill-use, Justin Aswell and DJ Marley Carroll) into one unified sound and state of mind. Mr. Invisible is the quintessential example of "The whole is greater than the sum". Even the members of the group refer to "Mr. I" as another person. So if you ever think you've seen a member of Mr. Invisible, hold that thought. Mr. Invisible only takes form when all his separate parts are combined.

Mr. Invisible is currently performing nationally in support of their newest release "Until Then…" and producing videos for an endorsement deal with Native Instruments.

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