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  • Avatar for gustr15
    YOU will HATE life MORE than LIFE hates YOU
  • Avatar for verdingo
    I'll find the suicide that i deserve :'))
  • Avatar for LedDivision
    Plus grande chanson de tous les temps? Il peut très bien être. [2]
  • Avatar for lukasz_pulawski
  • Avatar for Necropath
    I love this one
  • Avatar for davegahan13
    Perfect track!!!!
  • Avatar for LisaSchembri
    Describes where I work perfectly =P....Possibly my Favourite Track on California, Second being Pink Cigarette.
  • Avatar for lukasz_pulawski
    this is what I call music....there's so much going on....3:54 feels like 13:54
  • Avatar for rustytheginge
    This very song... a song that has captured my heart since the very instant that I heard it... lifting me higher than the skyscrapers, when my mood is lower than a submarine....
  • Avatar for Rikudo
    babababa babababa bababababa [4]
  • Avatar for OmertaDK
    Rots your brain just like a catchy tune, yeah!
  • Avatar for ZelosWilder88
    babababa babababa bababababa (3)
  • Avatar for RICISIC
    classic :)
  • Avatar for secretmantis
    Greatest song of all time? It may very well be.
  • Avatar for Lilloneto
    This is what Brian Wilson heard during a bad trip. [3]
  • Avatar for LilLaura1702
    babababa babababa bababababa (2) as i'm singing it at my desk getting some raised eyebrows :) :) x
  • Avatar for James_Hartley
    Las Vegas?
  • Avatar for N3t4
    babababababa yeahh!!!!
  • Avatar for lynxeyedlykos
    This is what Brian Wilson heard during a bad trip.
  • Avatar for EnglandDreaming
    You will hate life more than life hates you!
  • Avatar for Tarkus10
    Best Beach Boys song EVER. [3]
  • Avatar for LordSeraphim
    I dunno if calling this a song is appropriate, I count at least fifteen different musical ideas all playing in sync or at different times. A symphony is more appropriate.
  • Avatar for danileona
    Rots your brain just like a catchy tune!!
  • Avatar for surreal_blue
    It took me a while to 'get' Mr. Bungle, but now I really appreciate their quirkiness... It'd definitely not the same old, same old.
  • Avatar for jamesfukinsteen
    babababa babababa bababababa
  • Avatar for tothevultures
  • Avatar for appidydafoo
    Sledgehammer of truth (and justice)!
  • Avatar for tothevultures
  • Avatar for Grotusis
    A classic.
  • Avatar for XSeanybOiX
    one of my favorites from california
  • Avatar for JamesHippieKid
    Amazing song! and the lyrics are so fucking good..
  • Avatar for ArrakisYouZebra
    Best Beach Boys song EVER. [2]
  • Avatar for BEERMANTOM
    fav song on the album
  • Avatar for jesse6669
    probably my fav on this album
  • Avatar for skipbreakfast
    Best Beach Boys song EVER.
  • Avatar for appelstrudel
    Only a bunch of god can create this, i mean Mr. Bungle.
  • Avatar for apeirophobia
    "From the skyscrapers, down to the submarines" - my favorite part. And this really does remind me of the feeling of being in some cheesy hotel or movie theater with the air blasting in the summer to the point that you're freezing. Weird.
  • Avatar for Geordieste75
    Without doubt the best.
  • Avatar for Siberiandreamer
    Best Bungle song.
  • Avatar for Leonod
    so comfortable
  • Avatar for Pigsnake
    Another great Bungle tune.
  • Avatar for Major_Nuggs
    i can listen to this song over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over
  • Avatar for EnglandDreaming
    ...only astroids and empty space - a waste....
  • Avatar for drabreu
  • Avatar for ValasVixson
    Wheres my rainbow? Wheres my halo?
  • Avatar for leftyspank
  • Avatar for VegeVampireDuck
    This ties with Vanity Fair for my favourite from California
  • Avatar for deathsdemise123
    O_O' EPIC. there is no other word.
  • Avatar for Sosen
    you, will, hate, life more, than, life, hates, you
  • Avatar for cathyuchka
    Bungle...THE BEST.


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