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Julian Gaskell & his Ragged Trousered Philanthropists are a four-piece outfit from Cornwall who play garage-punkfolk. Having performed at hundreds of obscure locations in the UK, Poland and the Czech Republic since forming in 2006, their music has mutated from humble folk origins into the racket that is their latest album “Here the brute harpies make their nests”. The album can be described thusly…

“Mambo accordion, polka washboard, romantic faction, darkness collapsing into the end of a drunken afternoon, new wave progressive ska, space dub Balkan dance-off, the strains of a phosphorescent guitar amp being tortured until it screams like a thunderstorm over the vale of Avalon, Ukrainian-Klezmer surfers reclaiming the waves from misanthropic sand-sloths who endeavour to grind the “n’roll” out of surf rock, whistling whilst slowly dragging a carcass to its final resting place, the kind of royalty that is hung, drawn and quartered before being left in a dustbin for the seagulls, creeping lounge-jazz which might appeal to those with too much money to handle, themes for hirsute men with flared trousers and gaudy shades, a knees-up in the face of adversity, a street party to celebrate the tarmac being torn like a wet crepe and replaced with rusted metal.”

The album was produced and recorded by Julian Gaskell in May and June 2009 in a Cottage by the harbour in Falmouth, Cornwall using a Soundcraft Series II desk rescued from a Bolton scrapheap, a Great British spring drainpipe reverb, analogue space echo, a reel-to-reel tape machine borrowed from the BBC in 1982 and only the most arcane methods of microphone placement and mixing.

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