• Omar Alejandro; (2007-2008)

    30 Aug 2009, 03:28 by wishipu

    Download The Complete Album

    Released as a special edition CD-R, this compilation celebrates the best of the body of work from 2007 to 2008 of former header of Mexican Ala Jazz Records. During this timeline he released 15 studio releases, appearances in 7 compilations and other artists' albums and releasing material in seven labels, exploring the vast world of techniques, process and alternative recording manners, he gives his works a unique and very unpredictable sound, going from the and to the and , and many different styles such as , , , , , , , , , , as many different pseudonymous with a prolific result.

    This album, now available as a free download, contains the headlights of his releases completed with b-side materials and never released tracks for your enjoyment.

    Compilation produced by Ala Jazz Records & Annik.
    Photography by Mrndln
    Design by Oink! Oink!