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*** Download free Moving Castles music at ***

Moving Castles represents clean, dynamic, progressive pop music with characteristic complex harmonies and upbeat-dance rhythm compositions. With beautiful, intricate, and creative sounds and straightforward progressive pop presence, Moving Castles stated "We are not trying to revolutionize anything. We just want to make music that makes us happy and we hope that you will find it intriguing and enjoyable."

Filled with catchy guitar riffs and constructed memorizable melodies, the band manages to make it blend beautifully. Formed in October 2009, Moving Castles consist of members John Eric, Daniel Zane, Marshall Garrett Berry, Matt Letsinger and Eric Meeks.

The band will be releasing songs for free as they record them throughout the first half of 2010. The first Moving Castles E.P. is available for free at their website at

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