• Favorite songs part 1 - I wish I was Your Mother

    14 Sep 2006, 09:23 by ABJones

    I Wish I Was Your Mother

    "Is there a happy ending, I don't think so Cos' even if we make it I'll be too far out to take it You'll have to try and shake it from my head"

    My favorite song ever is I Wish I Was Your Mother. It is actually a fairly sad song once you think about the lyrics, but it's the lyrics I fell in love with. It's the only song to this date that have gave me chills and one of the few that have brought me to tears. It's a different aspect of a love song. A "I love you but I am to fucked up to have a future with you" kind of love song. Some people wont even consider it a love song but I believe love songs can cover all aspects of the relationship.
    Mott the Hoople is know for there glam rock one hit wonder "All the Young Dudes" and also there cover of Sweet Jane. I would of never known about this song except for a friend passing me along a cover done by Jeff Tweedy of Wilco. I remember his words exactly "You should listen to this weird Mott song Jeff covered. …