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Mothy, or Akuno-P as the fans nicknamed him, became famous after producing Servant of Evil. Both "Servant of Evil" and "Daughter of Evil" have been watched over a million times on Nico Nico Douga, and because of this he is a well known Vocaloid producer. He tends to produce series of songs:

-The "Evil" series is his most famous series, and consists of Daughter of Evil, Servant of Evil, Regret Message and Daughter of White. Most fans accept Re_birthday as part of the Servant of Evil series, too.
-The "Clockwork" series consists of Zenmaijikake no Komoriuta, Hakoniwa no Shoujo, Re_birthday and Heartbeat Clocktower.
-The "7 Deadly Sins" series consists of Akujiki Musume Conchita, "Enobizaka no ********* and "Saigo no Revolver".

Similarly, he produces strongly related songs, both musically and lyrically. "Okizaritsukiyosyou" and "moonlit bear" are related songs; "South Northy Story" and "Neji to Haguruma to Pride" are related stories, too.


"Juppun no Koi/10 Minute Love" (Kagamine Rin)
"Kotoba Asobi" (Kagamine Rin)
"Zenmaijikake no Komoriuta/ Clockwork Lullaby" (Kagamine Rin)
"Aku no Musume / Daughter of Evil" (Kagamine Rin)
"Aku no Meshi-tsukai / Servant of Evil" (Kagamine Len)
"Regret Message" (Kagamine Rin)
"Hakoniwa no Shoujo/Miniature Girl" (Hatsune Miku)
"Aku no Musume (Act 2)" (Kagamine Rin)
"Aku no Meshi-tsukai(Act 2)" (Kagamine Len)
"Okizaritsukiyosyou" (Kagamine Rin,Kagamine Len)
"South North Story"(Coproduction with unimemo-P) (Kagamine Rin,Kagamine Len)
"Re_birthday" (Kagamine Len)
"Akujiki Musume Conchita" (Meiko,Kagmine Rin,Kagamine Len)
"moonlit bear" (Hatsune Miku)
"Neji to Haguruma to Pride"(Coproduction) (Kagamine Rin,Kagamine Len)
"Enbizaka no Shi-tateya (Megurine Luka)
"Aku no Musume -velvet mix-" (Kagamine Rin)
"Aku no Meshi-tsukai-velvet mix-" (Kagamine Len)
"Shiro no Musume/ Daughter of White" (Hatsune Miku as Yowane Haku)
"Mangetsu no Jeikkenshi-tsu/Laboratory Under the Fullmoon" (Kagamine Rin)
"Saigo no Revolver/Last Revolver" (GUMI)
"Heartbeat Clocktower (Forest Version)" (KAITO)
"Sabaku no BLUEBIRD/Desert BLUEBIRD" (Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len)
"Venomania no Ouyake no Kyouki/The Madness of Duke Venomania" (Kamui Gakupo)
"Twilight Prank" (Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len)

He has also produced song that were only released on Piapro: "A few words to you."

Album/Compilation Discography:

"Neji to Haguruma to Pride
"Prelude to Forest"
"Haiten ★ Girl 2"

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