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  • Avatar for Hatekicks
    Almost heroin star of Seattle
  • Avatar for LanceVance2k
    Polska pozdrawia Andy'ego i resztę!!
  • Avatar for Annonnymous
    Happy Birthday, Andy!
  • Avatar for c4stles
    happy bday andrew ♥
  • Avatar for Quantum_Satis
    Holly roller is incredibly cool!)
  • Avatar for Sergioeira >>
  • Avatar for dudu_rocknroll
    Excelente banda
  • Avatar for Killman66
    Man Of Golden Words <3
  • Avatar for Dubstep_Outcast
    Ugh, always have conflicting feelings when I listen to MLB, utter shame Andrew past so soon as Apple is pretty damn flawless but then again we wouldn't have Pearl Jam if it hadn't have happened... Still, got to love what they did get to release
  • Avatar for shanesdementia
    When I feel down and think about going back down that dark road with my girl, heroin, I listen to this song and Remember how i got myself clean and back on track. Sad that Andy couldn't find the peace I found in Life... RIP Brother, and Inspiration.
  • Avatar for vital666remains
    Rest in peace Andy, such a great talent gone way to early
  • Avatar for aRetardGirl
    R.I.P Andy.</3
  • Avatar for closterka
    dobrzy są
  • Avatar for EduSkynyrd
    come dance with me in my room.
  • Avatar for oswald01
    this is not our story it is a life can I get a hallelujah people
  • Avatar for oswald01
    a crown of thorns will never be worn again by any one time to fight against the enemy carry on
  • Avatar for oswald01
    only one way to make music
  • Avatar for oswald01
    welcome back
  • Avatar for Patres87
    Vote for great new pics:
  • Avatar for mYmAvA
    oy mates, if u have time plz suggest some of this bands songs on my wall :D
  • Avatar for ReachDown
    so glad The Andrew Wood Story came out. [2]
  • Avatar for RevolutionECW
    Gentle Groove is MASTERPIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for lost_reflection
    so glad The Andrew Wood Story came out.
  • Avatar for Still_Pluto
    If you like grunge or southern rock music,please spend a minute of your time and visit our page here,listen & download for free=) You might really like it this stuff;)
  • Avatar for ikd-sj
    =HEARTSHINE= DUDE! (´・ω・`)
  • Avatar for RevolutionECW
  • Avatar for Jaszek10
    I can't find any good song on "Apple". Maybe because all of them are pure masterpieces.
  • Avatar for pistis_v
    I didn't like MLB at first. Now I'm getting more into their music, but still Andy's voice pisses me off.
  • Avatar for IntoYourShtik
    Like Mudhoney too? Like them on Facebook:
  • Avatar for crownanchor
  • Avatar for Re-Kramer
    V and looked like David Lee Roth's lost twin.
  • Avatar for d1lll1nger
    Very good.
  • Avatar for Annonnymous
    Happy birthday, Andy! [5]
  • Avatar for sickmannn
    Happy birthday Andy. Hope you're having fun where ever you are.
  • Avatar for Kondri
    Happy birthday Andy! We miss you.
  • Avatar for Nightwishx
    Happy birthday Andy! [2]
  • Avatar for riazor
    Happy birthday Andy!
  • Avatar for brunOz_mendes
    GNR = Shit [2]
  • Avatar for Punching_joe
    GNR = Shit
  • Avatar for gd_girl3
    Sounds like Guns n' Roses, I think.
  • Avatar for juanma_greenday
    @MidwestLounger: Yuck is a hell of a band, indeed ;)
  • Avatar for rubaha-paren
    so guns'n'roses
  • Avatar for MidwestLounger
    Well, Grunge is basically just a mix of Metal, Punk and Alternative Rock. And yes, it's a damn shame the attitude was lost in the mainstream and replaced with the likes of Creed and Nickelback with their "Post-Grunge" garbage. Yuck!!
  • Avatar for Thrashaholico
    Men i dont get grunge, MLB sounds like a glam metal band, Nirvana's Nevermind and Mudhoney sounds punk, Alice In chains, Tad, Soundgarden and early Nirvana have a heavy metal sound, thats why i believe that grunge is a matter of attitude, an attitude that should have never go, but it did :(
  • Avatar for iincesticide
    Love love love them
  • Avatar for nextposition
    Like good alternative rock, check out this new band:
  • Avatar for Kiltrosky
    gran banda !!!!!
  • Avatar for Annonnymous
    yeah, but it is a fucking autumn... time for Chris and Andy's "Island of summer"
  • Avatar for RevolutionECW
    Bone China - my friends. Bone China - let the summer come again


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