• Zabawa

    18 Jun 2009, 17:18 by Marukka777

    Wrzucamy do Winampa wszystkie piosenki z dysku i losujemy odpowiedzi na poniższe pytania ^^

    1) Jak się dziś czujesz?
    Rammstein - Stripped
    Przecież jestem ubrana!

    2) Czy zajdziesz daleko w życiu?
    Testament - Demonic Refusal
    A strong will is my defense
    For the future and pastMam rozumieć że tak?

    3) Jak widzą Cię przyjaciele?
    Motörhead - Name in Vain
    It seems, that you're insane
    Don't you take my name in vainPocieszające.

    4) Czy wyjdziesz za mąż?
    Anathema - Something In The Way

    5) Jaka piosenka może być motywem przewodnim Twojego najlepszego przyjaciela?
    Diary of Dreams - The Curse
    Że jest wiedźmą i rzuca klątwy? Nie wiedziałam.

    6) Jaka jest historia Twojego życia?
    The Doors - The Soft Parade

    7) Jaka będzie Twoja szkoła średnia?
    Black Sabbath - Paranoid
    Wiem, że pójdę do szkoły dla mętów społecznych, ale żeby aż tak?!

    8) Jak możesz uczynić postępy w życiu?
    Motörhead - Doctor Rock

  • Metal Masters Bring the "Time Machine" to Pittsburgh

    18 Aug 2008, 04:07 by sablespecter

    Sat 16 Aug – Judas Priest, Motörhead, Testament, Heaven and Hell

    Last night's show was really like two shows in one. A lot of multi-artist package tours end up being a whole bunch of opening acts with abbreviated set lists and limited stage sets followed by one big headliner show. The Metal Masters Tour is really two openers and two headliners though, and it was worth getting home after 2AM to see it.

    Testament sounded really tight, which was especially good because this was the first time I have seen them live. I'm very happy to see four of the five original members of the band plus Paul Bostaph on drums working together again. Since Chuck Billy has beat his cancer, he's brought the classic fire back to his delivery, and The Formation Of Damnation is a very rich album. The live delivery backs it up, and it was very cool to see Alex Skolnick play live. If you're a Pittsburgh fan of The Alex Skolnick Trio, Alex will be back in town with them in just a couple of weeks (Sep 4).

  • Motorhead concerts, and why attendance should be mandatory

    10 Nov 2006, 13:26 by Stoo

    I'll say it outright. Seeing Motorhead live should be a mandatory right of passage for anyone that listens to metal, regardless of whether you like their stuff on CD or not. The insane volume and sheer intensity of their show will blow absolutely any other live artist off the face of the planet, and they put on such an amazing live show that you'll walk out of there converted.

    The immortal line "We are Motorhead. We play Rock and Roll" that Lemmy starts their gigs with sums up what you're going to get perfectly. You don't go to a Motorhead show to see fancy pyro, stupid costumes and shit like that - you go to see the band, listen to the music and to rock the fuck out.

    The Birmingham Concert Last Night was absolutely awesome - the best performance i've ever seen them give. I was still feeling kind of rough from a heavy night of beer, Opeth and Paradise Lost the night before, but there was never any question of me missing out on this.