• Unirock Open Air Fest II (3rd Day 19/07/2009)

    20 Jul 2009, 14:07 by smkindofmonster

    First of all, that was one of the greatest days in my entire life. I had a great time, discovered new bands and brutally enjoyed Amon Amarth gig.
    I have to say that all of the bands were so nice to the fans. They didn't even say no to us and were taken thousands of photos, signed autographs and did we what we wanted. First bands on the line weren't able to be watched by many guys because of the sun roaming on us. But I watched, though and found the chance to have an idea about what they play.
    Despite these, I'm a little bit surprised that all of the groups (except 2 of them) have brutal vocals.
    To talk as band-by-band;
    Mosh Pit Project
    First band was Mosh Pit Project. they started testing 30 minutes before the exact starting time but still had technical problems during the gig. Musically, they weren't as good as I expected. Vocals were a mixture of clean and brutal and sounded distortioned. Additionally, there was a guy that was hardcore dancing during their gig. …