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  • Avatar for Clair_Cassis
    Retarted, but funny as hell! [2]
  • Avatar for AnaalForsage
    They need to record a new album
  • Avatar for Lord_Levi
    бажествинна госпаде!
  • Avatar for ExarKunAM
    Retarted, but funny as hell!
  • Avatar for labidamees
    Where is the new shit? Over a 10 years since the last.
  • Avatar for Slurmz94
    @gislahurst nice hat
  • Avatar for Dezstruction78
    "World Damnation", still makes me feel tingly ALL over.... <3 CLASSIC!!!
  • Avatar for kalovorot
    Последний альбом гавно ЗЫ:
  • Avatar for Jon_Santos
    Fudidassa old school
  • Avatar for metalkillthekin
    '' Shout for Heavy Metal'' good album!!!
  • Avatar for treeweavermetal
  • Avatar for Habitual-Infamy
    Chainsaw Dismemberment has got to be the heaviest album ever written
  • Avatar for frost94095
    Андрей Мэн (главред почившего в бозе М-журнала) сказал когда-то давно об этом коллективе очень правильно : "Mortician - это квинтэссенция тупости и монотонности. И они гениальны в этой тупости"
  • Avatar for NuBT1
    reall horror)
  • Avatar for jonowev
    @ gislahurst: Maybe they are ridiculous numbskulls?
  • Avatar for Eneas-
    it is only one true horror
  • Avatar for Dezstruction78
    Forgot how much I loved this band. <3
  • Avatar for Lord_Levi
    ящитаю это сверхахуенна
  • Avatar for bobo9390
    if you don't think vests are metal, I don't know what to tell you.
  • Avatar for legnadibrom
    brutal dudes take brutal pix
  • Avatar for gislahurst
    Is there any picture of them guys around which doesn't let them look like total ridiculous numbskulls? Or do they just want to be suggestive of that image?
  • Avatar for Metal135
    so epic
  • Avatar for HolokoskI
    вообще не понравилось
  • Avatar for Kreator82
    That drum machine is loltastic
  • Avatar for Xavier_93
    best band ever
  • Avatar for DARKZSOU7
  • Avatar for bobo9390
    This is great
  • Avatar for Luisa_Death
    The best band of brutal death metal/grindcore!
  • Avatar for MJtheRevelator
    You have to hit the weights if you want to wear a vest with no shirt underneath.
  • Avatar for TheGreatRaven
    Hail to the masters of gore and horror!
  • Avatar for GrindaThrash
    Mmmmm... that buzz.... Also Celti, that buzz......
  • Avatar for celtiberic
    Why on the tags appears this as grindcore?
  • Avatar for unholydeath
    Because they just are. Wimps will kneel down in misery...
  • Avatar for lordgorefreak
    Why are Mortician sooo good?
  • Avatar for MetalForOne-1
    Great Death/Girnd !!!
  • Avatar for DxNxTxSx
  • Avatar for UntaRenkO
    Хуита для каллистов)
  • Avatar for Katorevenge
    I <3 shitty drum machine grind [6]
  • Avatar for Nanobeton
    Великолепная банда!
  • Avatar for EneasFrost
  • Avatar for LoveRaven
  • Avatar for lordgorefreak
    not bad
  • Avatar for Blinded_soul
    Shit, and this shit is good
  • Avatar for Obsmarkany
    Mortician is the shit [2]
  • Avatar for TheEndTimeRiff
    Record a new album already!
  • Avatar for Evisceratorium
    I <3 shitty drum machine grind [4]
  • Avatar for Chitinec
    I <3 shitty drum machine grind [3]
  • Avatar for SlicerOfBones
    Favorite DM band, needs to go on tour so I can see them.
  • Avatar for duut
    there is no similar band.


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