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  • Avatar for suhvengenz
    My Shadow Self and To Choke You Now. <3
  • Avatar for worldisblack91
  • Avatar for RaphX
    All of their music is so beautiful, elegant, and sorrowful.
  • Avatar for Skathi
    Bugger another band I've just discovered who have split.
  • Avatar for Drostanxxx
    @witch_possessed you're wrong about the 1st album being boring, so wrong - 2nd and 3rd albums were even better, agreed there, but if any one is THE masterpiece it's I Have Lost, with tracks like Existence, Reality and Everything
  • Avatar for solitude33 matter if Mortal Love returns or not...their music will never die - it will live on in the hearts of their fans forever!! <333
  • Avatar for witch_possessed
    1st album is boring, 2nd album is great and 3rd album is a fucking masterpiece
  • Avatar for ainiwenhu
  • Avatar for 666blade666
    so sad the band broke up :'(
  • Avatar for Drostanxxx
    devastated - 3 brilliant albums and waiting for no. 4 :'{
  • Avatar for ilyAK84
    her voice poor
  • Avatar for worldisblack91
    which fuck tag this beauty "emo" ?
  • Avatar for Dalia_Vampire
    so sad the band broke up :'(
  • Avatar for Moon_spell
    ♥ Existence ♥
  • Avatar for TommiRev
    emo? fuck yeah.
  • Avatar for juancadavid
    hmmm ever think of playing at MFVF?
  • Avatar for esteban_777
    espero que algun dia vuelvan a reunirse y sigan haciendo mas de su buena musica. I Make The Mistake Falling for You...
  • Avatar for g0rike
    hate to feel... Don't understand why I'm still hiding ;(
  • Avatar for Emile1995
  • Avatar for lafken
    Nooo! por qué? ='(
  • Avatar for worldisblack91
    great sadness.. the dream is over. but music is not finished.
  • Avatar for Luan080
    This is so sad =\ "All The Beauty I Have Lost Forever Will Be Gone" ♥
  • Avatar for miotailtmilidh
    I'm absolutely devastated. Awesome band that I will seriously miss! I really hope that with a break they'll come back stronger ^_^
  • Avatar for rosamistero
    The official page says they have stopped making music indefinitely :(
  • Avatar for esteban_777
    awesome band!!! i'm waiting a new album!
  • Avatar for KillYourselff
    прекрасный вокал
  • Avatar for Drostanxxx
    so when is the new album???
  • Avatar for TommiRev
    ♥ Senses ♥
  • Avatar for allynne55
    In the Sun ...
  • Avatar for Midnattsol93
    If you like female fronted Metal, listen to us!
  • Avatar for Fulvian
    [track artist=Mortal Love]I Want to Die[/track], but really... I'm already dead.
  • Avatar for worldisblack91
    i want nobody listen mortal love. i dont wanna share this greatness.
  • Avatar for MortaILove
    ♥Hate To Feel♥
  • Avatar for worldisblack91
    still waiting the new album :)
  • Avatar for nenadoimen
    in the sun...
  • Avatar for Drostanxxx
    i agree veghead
  • Avatar for Abyss_Menara
    Can you tell me wich is the band most alike to this one??? Thanx a lot ^^
  • Avatar for ViviAi
    While Everything Dies ..♥ [2]
  • Avatar for jaquefilth
    Yes,is true,Cath sing in the project "Wolf Waken" , but she continuous in Mortal Love
  • Avatar for Overtaker13
    I heard that Cat is also the singer of another project...Is this true? Something called 'Wolf Awaken' or something similar.
  • Avatar for qazwsx182
    Great band. Dunno why it took so long for me to discover their music
  • Avatar for spikedylacid
    Depending on how their next album turns out I might start listening to this band
  • Avatar for worldisblack91
    all the beauty is the B-E-S-T.
  • Avatar for TommiRev
    666blade666, why Cat is freaky?
  • Avatar for AinaraHaiducci
    Bad lyrics. Only decent song is I want To Die, and that's excluding the lyrics. [2]
  • Avatar for Leekimhoung
    While Everything Dies ..♥
  • Avatar for 666blade666
    So Beauty Voice, So Freaky Girl!
  • Avatar for TommiRev
    elizabetlp, VERY VERY SWEET VOICE <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for elizabetlp
    vocalist has too sweet voice / blehh
  • Avatar for TommiRev
    My Shadow Self <3 <3 <3(2)


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